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Voice-Over Recording Service

Helping you deliver a better customer experience, humanizing your voice applications, and perfectly personifying your brand in any market. That’s all BLEND Voice cares about. And with a global roster of voice actors in 120 languages, bolstered by world-class studio facilities and decades of recording experience, no voice-over provider is as well equipped to help you realize your multimarket potential.

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Hey, we get it. There are lots of ways to get voice-over recordings. But how many providers offer next-day delivery of fully edited, ready-to-load audio in any format? Affordable female and male voice actors in 120 languages, with in-house script translation and localization? A huge roster of contracted talent of any sound or style? We could go on and on. More than finding the perfect voice, our customers rely us on time and again for important projects because of our commitment to customer service, refined process, application specialization, and international scope, making it a breeze to get voices for small projects and global campaigns alike.

Why choose BLEND for your voice-over projects?

BLEND of voice actors

Vetted, tested, trusted. BLEND maintains a worldwide roster of thousands of voice actors for your mission-critical projects, but only after a rigorous audition process and detailed business agreement are they ready to take on your scripts.

Global scope, local focus

Whether you're targeting a specialized language market or rolling out a global initiative, BLEND helps you resonate like never before, recording localized messaging in regionally-authentic dialects—an all-in-one voice and language offering unprecedented in our industry.

Unmatched experience

With a voice recording legacy spanning decades and a project portfolio including some of the largest and most notable corporate voice-over projects in history, we're uniquely qualified to meet your voice needs, regardless of application type, recording volume, deployment timeline, and budget.

How it works

After you send or submit your script, we get to work on recording your project with total commitment to quality—best-practice formatting, proper pronunciation, spot-on read style, thorough editing, and fast delivery in your preferred format.

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Choose a voice and send a script. Need assistance? We’ll shortlist a few great voice options for your project. Need script translation? You know we have that covered.

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We process your script and review your special requests, pronunciation, and persona notes. We’ll confirm anything in question prior to the recording session.

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We record with your voice actor, on-site or remotely from our production studios. All recording sessions are engineered by a member of our audio team. You can even make plans to participate in the live session as a director!

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We edit out all the pops, breaths, and clicks for a crystal-clear playback. Once your audio is fully edited, we QA it with a separate editor to make sure we got it right.

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We send your ready-to-use voice files in your preferred format and naming conventions. When you’re ready for the next project or an update to the same application, we have all info and performance specs at the ready!

Voice-Over Recording Services FAQ

How quickly can you complete my recording project?

Most recording projects up to 1,000 words are delivered the first business day after the session. Rush delivery is also available. For large projects, we’ll work with you to define the right timeline, factoring in your word count, talent mix, any translation considerations, and the editing requirements of your application type.

How can "fast" recording services still be high quality?

You bet! It all comes down to the right process and team. Fulfilling thousands of voice-over projects each month in more than 400 recording sessions, our roles are clearly defined over many years of studio operation. Our standard of quality paces the industry.

Can you complete large projects quickly?

We’re ready to exceed your expectations on any large-scale recording projects. From huge eLearning libraries to TTS/AI sessions that include hundreds of thousands of words, we’ll work with you to establish the right service level and schedule to keep your voice projects on time and on budget.

I need help with integration. Can you assist?

Our value doesn’t end at the recording studio. For most visual formats—live or graphical video, slideware—we can assist with our comprehensive post-production services. For specialized audio technologies, we’ll know the right formatting to ensure that deployment is as streamlined as possible. We also have deep industry connections for partner professional services.

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