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Creative Voice Intros, Editing & Post-Production for Podcasts

From chart-topping titles to corporate audio programming to the first efforts of passionate hobbyists, BLEND helps you give your podcast a distinct identity with professionally-recorded narration and dialog, and editing services that keep your content lean, mean, polished, and entertaining.
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Why Is BLEND the Best Choice for Podcasting Voice-Overs?

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Any voice, any language

Find the perfect voice to introduce your program and hosts. Targeting an international audience? We'll give you options in any language.
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Creative post-production

Need help with music, sound effects, transitional segments, and editing? We'll polish your podcast to sound as professional as the biggest titles in the medium.
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Local studio access & remote session engineering

From our Atlanta studios, we provide a high-quality recording space for your hosts and guests. Not local? No problem. We can oversee your recording session with a remote engineer for editing notes and post-audio.

Elevate Your Podcast Production Quality with Professional Voice

Listen to some podcast intro samples, and then explore our complete voice catalog.

Business Podcasting: The Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

PowerPoint slides, PDFs, and Web text only get you so far. Savvy content marketing teams are exploring more engaging, interactive multimedia to demonstrate value to their audience. One of the best formats? Podcasting, naturally. From soft sales pitches to industry news to though leadership and targeted interviews, podcasts are great assets to package into newsletters and social media. Longer, in-depth episodes are outstanding showcases for deep knowledge, and shorter segments go hand in glove with drip marketing and snackable LinkedIn posts. Talk to BLEND to explore the possibilities.
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Voice-overs & post-production for any podcast type

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BLEND makes it easy for you to get into the podcasting game, where a dedicated audience awaits if you commit to quality and consistency.

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Corporate podcasts

True crime podcasts

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