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Our Voice Actors Bring Your Characters to Life on Any Audio-Visual Media in Any Language

Whether you're casting voice over actors for an animated series for English-speaking audiences, or adapting the next breakout live-action series for a dozen language markets, BLEND offers the wide selection of voices, localization resources, and process know-how to keep your production on time and on budget, with standout performances and exceptional audio fidelity.
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Why Is BLEND the Best Choice for Film, TV & Animation Voice-Overs?


Variety & quality

Maintaining a roster of thousands of contracted voice actors in 120 languages, recruited from diverse backgrounds in stage, screen, and advertising, rest assured that we can provide the right voices for all your characters and narrators.
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Creative collaboration

With your timeline and budget in mind, we love rolling up our sleeves to get creative with role-focused auditions and casting. We'll help shortlist some great voice options, and we can widen the casting net until you've identified the perfect sound.
Industry expertise

All-in-one localization & post-production

Delivering great-sounding voice recordings is one thing, but BLEND is an end-to-end provider of localized viewer experiences. Streamline your launch strategy and let us handle your translation and post-production needs: subtitling, dubbing, and more (the text or audio fulfillment, and the integration with your visuals).

Enhance Your Productions with Professional Voice Overs

Listen to some film, TV, and animation voice samples, and then explore our complete voice catalog.
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BLEND Voice for Video Localization & Post-Production

Reach new audiences with all-in-one localization, voice, and post-production services for your videos and multimedia. From entertainment to corporate content, BLEND makes it easy to bring your productions to international markets with outstanding results and natively local authenticity.

Local Content for the World

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Today's audiences maintain numerous subscriptions to streaming content, jam-packed with the usual Hollywood productions, but increasingly featuring high-budget exports from countries such China, India, France, Spain, and perhaps most notably, South Korea, with global smashes such as Parasite and Squid Game. Rather than doubling down on the limitless options available in their native language, streaming has made viewers more curious and discerning, willing to give new programs a chance even if the viewing experience requires voice overdubs, subtitles, or both. Bottom line: localizing your content for new markets has never been a better bet.
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Voices for any visual multimedia

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Whether your production features on-screen actors, animated characters, off-screen narrators, or spokespeople, BLEND ensures that your audience receives performance-driven, locally-authentic voice-overs for all types of visual media.

Film narration (domestic & international)

Television voice-overs
(broadcast, local, streaming)

Animation voices

Documentary narration

Corporate & industrial voice-overs

Education & academia narration

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