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Manage all your translations with BLEND and Memsource.

The top TMS to keep track of all your localization in one place.

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Using Memsource, streamline and automate your business’ localization process by minimizing manual work. Powered by Memsource’s translation automation process and BLEND’s global network of translators, get large volumes of content localized in just a few easy steps. 

Why use BLEND and Memsource to manage your translations?

Consolidated Assets

Glossaries and translation management keep all your strings, phrase preferences, and other information in one place to make future translations fast and more accurate.

Continuous localization

With continuous translation, Memsource TMS can identify the new strings in your website, game, app, or other content, and send only those to BLEND for translation. This will cut costs and time, streamlining your localization process.

Rapid turnaround

No matter how large the project, using Memsource TMS integrated with BLEND allows you to utilize our large network of translators to get any job done faster, and with the highest attention to quality.

It's easy to get started with Memsource

Memsource helps reduce translation costs by combining traditional translation technology with AI technology that identifies previously used content that can be translated automatically. BLEND integrates seamlessly with Memsource by taking over after this identification process and translating your updated content quickly and professionally. Here's how to get set up:

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Create an account with Memsource.

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Login to or create a BLEND account.

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Share your project with us by selecting BLEND from Memsource’s vendor list.

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A BLEND translator will complete the project.

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The completed project will appear on the job level on Memsource’s platform.