The BLEND Platform​

Scalable Enterprise Localization Made Easy
“OneBLEND” is your single-source localization hub, putting you in the driver’s seat to start, scale, manage, and monitor your projects with maximum ease and efficiency, top-shelf customization, and unmatched team access and transparency.
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All-in-One Localization

Whether you need text translation, multilingual voice recordings, video localization services, or cutting-edge language Al, the BLEND platform is the launchpad for all your content needs, connecting you to the perfect combination of human experts and MT innovations to localize at continuous scale.

Complete Orchestration

BLEND equips you for global growth with comprehensive, four-stage localization orchestration—pre-translation scoping, facilitation, and TM prep; establishing AI workflows and MT allocation; talent assignment and ongoing direct communication with expert linguists; and seamless post-processing and delivery.

Extensible & Scalable

Fully integrated with the most notable TMS engines, CAT tools, content management systems, and help desk solutions, BLEND is fully committed to tech-forward localization with a platform that enhances your existing enterprise connectors and grows at your speed of business.

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The BLEND Wizard:​

An Intuitive, Step-by-Step Solution for Starting New Language Projects​

Ready to initiate a project or even launch a new language? The process is a cinch. In the BLEND platform wizard, select between our numerous translation service types, upload your brief, and select between 120 target languages.​

Just a few steps away

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Almost done - upload content

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Confirm and Checkout

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The BLEND Dashboard:​​

All Your High-Level Campaign Details, Right Where You Need Them​

Check it out—it’s all the essential account, language, and project information you need to keep tabs on your global localization strategy. For financials, what you’ve paid, your balance, and your bonuses. It’s also the place to analyze your localization from last month or the past year. And your projects list with all your open languages is just a click away.

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Keeping Tabs on Active Projects:

An Easy Way to Monitor Enterprise-Scale Localization Volumes

To BLEND, there’s nothing better than seeing multiple localization projects headed toward the finish line. Our platform gives you a clean, clear view of active projects; their statuses, languages, and word counts; and easy options to see detailed progress reports. Once finalized, leave feedback and even review the project and linguist, which informs our unique leveling system.

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Voice-Over & Video Localization:​​​

Bring Your Multimedia to a Global Audience​

BLEND is your end-to-end localization partner, taking your content beyond text to voice recording, video post-production (hands-on dubbing and subtitling), and more. Find the right sound for your brand and audience with our own contracted roster of 1,000+ voice actors. Choose your talent and language or ask us to coordinate custom auditions for your unique media project. You’ll receive professionally recorded and edited audio in a ready-to-use format a day after the session in most cases.

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We Work for You:

API Integration & Enterprise Connectors​​​

We work around your software and workflows, not the other way around. Behind the scenes but looming large are the API integrations that make localization projects a breeze. BLEND connects your projects to a full suite of TMS, CMS, help desk, and other enterprise platforms and tools. Once integrated, you can enjoy a seamless experience in our platform.​

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Stay Connected with MyTeam:

Engage Your Linguists Directly for Outstanding Project Synergy

Your linguists. Your brand. Your terminology. It keeps getting better. BLEND custom allocates your translation team based on your unique projects, languages, industry, and use case, and then gives you direct access to your talent for personalized briefing, building rapport, and finding your groove. Turnarounds get faster and results get better as your team learns your preferences, products, and brand. Our talent, your team – MyTeam.

BLENDTalk, Powering Your Direct Translator Communications​

If you open the lines of communication, you open the potential for multimarket growth! Introducing BLENDTalk, our in-platform direct messaging app, connecting companies with their custom-sourced translation teams for lockstep communication, unrivaled synergy, and outstanding localization results. ​

Giving users flexibility and control over their conversations with professional language freelancers, BLENDTalk is packed with practical features that simplify localization workflows, build rapport, and make it easy to accelerate your multimarket strategy.

Communicate Directly

Chat with all 'MyTeam' Translators

Drive Conversations

Create chats and add/ remove translators

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Know when messages are received

Get on the Same Page

Upload and share documents and media

Find It Faster

In-chat search and advanced filtering

Make It Yours

Names, avatars, and profile customization

Behind the Platform: Dedicated Teams for Enterprise Clients​

With BLEND, your company benefits from best-of-both-worlds service—a localization  platform with numerous enterprise program  and tool integrations that grows with your business, combined with personalized service from dedicated teams committed to  your language goals.​

BLEND is with you every step of the way to not only offer all-in-one localization services in 120 languages, but provide the enterprise-grade support you need to grow globally, delivering ​unmatched access to your talents and our internal teams.  ​

Account Executives

High-level oversight of your localization program and growth goals

Project Managers

Dedicated, day-to-day management of your account

Customer Service 

On call for all your platform, billing, and project questions 

Professional Services

Constantly refining our platform and integrating more enterprise tools

BLEND makes it easy to monitor projects, review translators, track your budget, and so much more. Check out our project page walkthrough.

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