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Professional Document
Translation Services

Documents - they're a part of all of our lives, no matter where we live or what we do. Whether it's a lease for your home, applications for a job or school, doctor's files, or business contracts, ensuring your documents are understood by the person you need to submit them to is crucial. BLEND's expert document translators can be trusted to take any document in any language and translate it quickly and accurately.

We are the certified translation company for you.

Why use our document
translation services?


Professional expertise

Our translators have years of experience translating all types of official documents . From legal documents to medical documents and more, let our expert document translators take care of your document translation needs.

Easy process

Upload your documents to our self-service Wizard in just a few clicks. Provide a brief for your document translator, get a quote, and leave the rest to us.

Simple Communication

Whether you have feedback on a finished project or want to give further instructions, our online platform makes it easy to communicate directly with your document translator to make sure the final product comes out flawless.

Document translation experts you can trust

Document translation was once a complicated process - but no longer. No matter the type of document, subject matter expertise required, length, or language pair, BLEND has expert document translators ready to tackle any project. It's simple - just select your language pair and expertise, upload any file type, and get an immediate quote. Our Wizard will match your project with the translator best fit for the job and they'll get right to work, returning your translated document quickly and ready for use.

We are a certified translation agency with locations around the world.
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What can I translate?

Our document translators are not only expert linguists, they are also experts in various subject matters necessary to translate documents of any type with high accuracy. You can trust our professional document translation services to deliver the best results for any type of document translation project. Here are just some examples of the many types of projects we work on:

Financial statements

Legal documents

Medical documents

Business documents

Annual reports

Training materials

Academic transcripts

Birth certificates


User manuals

Drivers License

Tax Records


Divorce Decree

Criminal Records


Background Checks


ID Cards

College Applications


Bank Statements

Marriage Certificates

Death Certificates

Vaccination Records

Mortgage Applications

Adoption Records

Document translation rates

Your business and personal documents are extremely important. That's why we have subject matter experts on hand to translate any type of document you may need accurately, on time, and on budget. Rates may vary according to language and expertise and we have many translation options for you to choose from. No matter your selection, our experts will return the best document translation on the market.
Translation by a professional native document translator. Recommended for personal translations or internal business use.
Translation by a professional native document translator, as well as editing by a second translator. Recommended for important texts meant for publication or official business.
Professional Plus
Translation by a native speaker of your chosen language with expertise in the necessary field. Highly recommended for personal or internal business texts requiring expertise in a specific field.
Translation by a native speaker of your chosen language with expertise in the necessary field. Reviewed and proofread by a second expert translator. Highly recommended for translations intended for publication or official business.

Document Translation Services FAQ

What types of files can I upload for translation?

We can translate documents no matter what file type they are. This includes XLIFF, XML, HTML, txt, csv, odt, ott, ots, odg, otg, odp, otp, docx, dotx, xslx, xlts, pptx, potx, doc, ppt, xls, pdf, dot, mlf, idml and many others.

Do you provide quality control as part of your document translation services?

Yes, our document translation projects are consistently reviewed to ensure they continue to provide the high-quality translations expected of them by our clients. If you would like a second document translator to conduct a quality review, we recommend selecting the Professional or Professional Plus plan when submitting your project. 

I have multiple documents to translate into multiple languages. How can I submit these for translation?

We’re happy to translate all your documents into any language. Just make sure to create a separate project for each language pair.

I need a document translation urgently. How fast can you complete my project?

We do our best to return completed document translation projects in 1-2 business days. You will see a more accurate delivery estimation based on your project size and language pair at checkout. If you need it urgently, you may select the “Urgent Delivery” option at checkout, or contact our customer support.

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