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Our Localization Tech Stack

The smarter way to localize your business. We blend the power of AI, the machine language processing solutions you need to scale, and of course, the irreplaceable human touch.


Connecting with a full suite of neural machine translation engines. Your subject, your language pair, the best NMT engine applied.
Modern MT offers state-of-the-art machine translation embedded within a human-centered translation process.
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Systran industry-specific translation models are trained by language experts - so you can flawlessly revamp
your workflow.
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PangeaMT offers the ultimate language processing ecosystem. Get near-human neural machine translation solutions that meet your localization needs.
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Amazon Translate delivers fluent, high-quality, affordable language translations. *Certified partner, now featuring ACT.
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DeepL Pro AI language assistance provides fast, accurate, and secure translations.
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KantanMT is a sophisticated and powerful machine translation solution with a broad range of neural machine translation capabilities.
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We blend the power of AI, the machine language processing solutions, and of course, the irreplaceable human touch.


Improve translation quality and streamline your workflow! We integrate with the following TMS, translation management solutions and CAT, computer assisted translation tools.
XTM’s translation management solutions deliver content in multiple languages, with greater efficiency, and at a reduced cost.
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Memsource helps global companies translate efficiently and reduce project costs by combining traditional translation technology with enhanced AI capabilities.
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Crowdin offers agile localization solutions for tech companies to effectively manage multilingual projects.
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Smartcat’s computer assisted translation tools boost translator productivity and ensure smooth product collaboration.
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Smartling's CAT and TMS solutions enable streamlined multilingual content deployment at the speed of life. *Coming soon*
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Be Lazy helps fill the gaps in full-cycle localization automation, by providing automated translation project management solutions. *Coming soon*
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Lokalise helps accelerate localization from code to delivery by automating workflows and improving localization collaboration. *Coming soon*
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CMS & Customer Support

Faster. Smoother. Easier. Localize your content
directly from your digital platform.
WordPress’s multilingual plugin, WPML, makes it easy to build multilingual websites and localize your content

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Drupal's translation management tool, TMGMT, enables seamless website localization using existing language tools and data structures
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Wix’s direct multilingual integration enables for easy content translation directly on site
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Our multilingual Helpdesk solution integrates directly with Zendesk offering personalized customer service in any language.
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