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Your visuals may be great, but if your footage and graphics aren't paired with brand-consistent audio, your multimedia will miss the mark with prospects. BLEND helps businesses tell their story with more impact, whether they're building a content library on YouTube, embedding a high-level overview on their homepage, or creating something custom for a lucrative sales opportunity. Our voice actors add personality and flair to any production, making it easier for you to share big ideas, small details, and everything in between.
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Why Is BLEND the Best Choice for Explainer, Web & Social Video Voice-Overs?

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More choices, better performers

Offering more than a thousand voice actors in 120 languages, many sourced from stage, screen, and broadcast ad media, BLEND offers a huge variety of sounds and styles. We'll help you find the right voice for the project, whether you're looking for a straightforward, brand-centric narrator or several character-specific options.
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Just audio or full video implementation

Only need voice files for your video? You'll get them professionally edited in a ready-to-load format. Need a little help adding them to the visuals? We can manage that, too. Let us know your service requirements so we can ensure that your voice production (and post-production) goes smoothly.
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Localize your audio, keep your video

Depending on the video type and duration, your production may get quite pricey. Voice localization is a great way to get more value from your videos. If you do business in different markets around the world, plan on recording in several languages to broaden your reach without breaking the bank.

A Friendly, Natural-Sounding Narration Improves Your Viewing Experience

Listen to some video narration samples, and then explore our complete voice catalog.
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Of Smartphones and Social Media:
Giving a Voice to the Video Revolution

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In recent years, smartphones, social media, and video building platforms have made it much easier for companies and content creators to get into the video production game. From advertising to product walkthroughs, buyers have access to more video than ever before. Watching these developments, though, one thing has become apparent: the audio side lags behind. You can hear the cheap microphones. You can discern that a narrator doesn't have much experience. Music and sound effects may not fit the visuals. For BLEND, it's exciting, but also bittersweet. Voice and visuals are really two sides of the same storytelling coin, and while we cheer on the eye candy, we won't stop working to bring the audio component up to speed, when producers consider voice a bedrock brand component to any video production. The good news: we're getting there.
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Voice-overs for any video type

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A pitch-perfect narrator or a spot-on casting of a unique character livens up any video. We'll help you find the right sound for your project, no matter your market or audience.

Corporate explainer videos

Website videos

Product demonstrations & walkthroughs

Narrators & spokespeople

Animated videos

Whiteboard videos

Character voices & dialogs

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