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IVR & Contact Center Localization

Global consumer and technology brands often support contact centers in dozens of international markets. BLEND helps them enhance their automated self-service and deliver world-class caller experiences with localized voice user interfaces and voice prompt recordings in 120 languages.

From call flows to on-hold messaging, AI/TTS voice personas to user testing, BLEND ensures that organizations get the most from their contact center and telephony investments with in-country localization and studio-produced audio for any IVR platform.

Contact Sales

Top Brands Dial BLEND for Locally-Authentic CX in Any Market

Your Callers Are Local. You Should Be, Too.

When customers are ready to buy or need support, they rely on omnichannel communications for assistance: phone, chat, SMS, and more. If you can't respond to every request with a live agent, you better make sure your enterprise communications are providing a clear, authentic language experience.

BLEND reinforces your brand and improves your self-service and automated touchpoints with the right messaging for any audience.
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Contact Center Localization Services that Enhance Caller Interactions

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Voice Persona Development

With a full repertoire of casting and auditioning exercises, we work with client technology and marketing teams to make sure your scripting and voice talent are meeting the requirements of the application, brand, and audience.

Emergency Messaging

Product recall? Disruption of service? BLEND activates on your emergency quickly to translate and record any messaging that needs to be uploaded ASAP.

In-Context Recordings/Concatenation

Including any dynamic messaging that requires data dips, like account balances, dates, or serial numbers. BLEND has the experience and studio expertise to make sure those audio segments are combined with static recordings seamlessly, with proper inflection and natural-sounding cadence.

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