Develop Your Diverse Teams in 120 Languages

Whether for corporate or academic applications, better train your teams with comprehensive eLearning localization and voice-overs.
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Diverse Teams

Single-Source eLearning Localization​

BLEND makes it easy to keep your teams on the same page, worldwide​

Human and AI

Specialized eLearning Localization​

BLEND localizes your eLearning content in 120 languages, focusing on team comprehension, compliance, and completion, with translations geared around your specific industry and curriculum.​

Combining AI & Human Experts​

Machine efficiency, with translation memories, glossaries, and the industry’s most innovative MT tools, balanced with expert human linguists overseeing everything. It’s the perfect combo for high quality and fast turnaround.​
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Voice Artist

Voices for Global Teams​

Professionally-recorded voice keeps you audience’s attention, delivers a better experience, and focuses your instructional designers on what they do best—developing content. BLEND offers a roster of 1,300+ voice actors.​

Platform & Process Know-How​

BLEND knows how to work with your specific LMS, content platform, graphics, and videos to ensure a smooth, seamless implementation of localized eLearning assets.​

BLEND empowers instructional designers with natively local eLearning content that increases engagement, completion, and info retention.

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BLEND eLearning Localization:

Ramp up your multimarket training – any content, any language, any audience


Comprehensive eLearning Localization

From diverse, multilingual teams in your home market to fully globalized workforces, BLEND ensures that your training and compliance materials are consistent, accurate, and achieve your goal of creating a uniform standard of knowledge and service excellence across your organization.
Voice Artist

eLearning Voice Narration

Professional voice, whether delivered live in studio by our voice actors or through our lifelike AI voice engines, better engage your audience for faster learning and higher retention. Browse our full catalog to find a brand-authentic narrator in 100+ languages.

Deep LMS Knowledge

Localization is one thing, but knowing where the content will reside and how it will be presented to your teams make all the difference. BLEND knows how to package and prep localized files for all major LMS, content hosting, and slideware platforms.

Video & Slideware Post-Production

Whether your content requires subtitles, voice overdubbing, or background music and sound effects, we ensure your multimedia packs a punch to engage your audience.

Graphics & Design Support

From infographics and charts to character dialog balloons, our design experts make sure your content retains its style and formatting after it's localized.
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Blend In to Truly Stand Out:
Single-source localization services for the enterprise.


AI Efficiency, Human Proficiency

We find the sweet spot of advanced AI translation and human experts to give you a best-of-both-worlds gaming solution of speed and quality.

Boutique Serve at Scale

We’re small and agile, but with the tech and network to grow at the speed of your business. A lean and mean machine. ​

Tech Extensibiity

You do you. BLEND is a tech-neutral partner that works with your established tech and tools, not the other way around.

Learning Companies & Consumer Brands Trust BLEND for Better eLearning

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