Voice-Over Services for Content Creators & Influencers

Grow Your Audience on Every Platform with Brand-Consistent Voices in Any Language

From long-form productions on YouTube to 30-second updates on Instagram, content creators leverage BLEND's voice and multimedia capabilities to enhance their videos for every language audience. Whether you need soundalikes for on-camera speakers, voice-overs for graphical content, or unique characters for numerous roles, we help you build your brand and audience on your flagship account and even launch new channels for all your growth markets.
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Why Is BLEND the Best Choice for Influencer Video Localization?

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More voices, more languages

BLEND bolsters your video content with more than a thousand voice actors in 120 languages, offering a huge variety of styles and sounds sourced from stage, screen, and every voice application. No matter your subject matter or audience, we'll help you find the right sound for your videos.
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Mix-and-match services that meet your needs

If you handle your own post-production and just need professionally-recorded voice files, we're the right partner to help you grow your channel. If you need help mixing in the new audio, we can support you with that, too. For any big or ongoing video project, let us know your needs and we'll make sure you meet your publishing timeline.
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Get more mileage from existing videos

Whether you have a few hundred followers or millions of subscribers, creating new videos can get expensive. BLEND helps you maximize your budget to broaden your appeal and increase your exposure without breaking the bank.

Get More Followers with Professional, Locally-Authentic Voice Recordings

Listen to some voice samples for social media videos, and then explore our complete voice catalog.
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Snackable Content for Today's Short Attention Spans

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There's no getting around it: we're more impatient than ever. If a video, ad, story, or game doesn't hook us within seconds, we move on to the next. In addition to the impact of the script or the charisma of the speaker, your production quality needs to be up to snuff, and that applies to both visuals and audio. It also applies to all your potential viewers, no matter where they live or which languages they speak. As you work on developing the tone and personality of your channel, don't discount the importance of your voice... literally! As other creators vie for the same, impatient viewers, make sure you're using audio effectively to cut through the clutter and capture eyes (and ears) right from the jump. Fortunately, BLEND excels at helping creators sound off with best audio solutions in the industry.
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Voice-overs for all social media content

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A brand-consistent narrator or character voice livens your videos to make deeper connections with your audience.

YouTube videos

Instagram reels

Tiktok videos

Facebook videos

Twitch videos

Secondary & alternate social media channels

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