Zendesk Language Translation and Localization

The AI-powered support solution for Zendesk Customers around the globe
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Earn customer loyalty

Quality support in their own language keeps customers loyal, and loyal customers spend 67% more.

Drive new sources of revenue

Flawless communication with customers around the globe. Tap into new customer revenue streams, with BLEND coverage in 120 languages.

Increase CSAT scores

Enable effective, knowledgeable, timely customer support in every language and watch your global CSAT scores skyrocket.

Leverage AI to Maximize Customer Retention

Machine learning leads to quicker results and better accuracy over time, helping you retain customers while lowering costs. Multilingual Help Desk offers customizable machine translation engines that absorb your style, brand terminology, and industry jargon with every new ticket.

Multilingual Help Desk for Zendesk:
the cost-effective way to connect with customers everywhere, fast.


Scale to Budget

Surpass human staffing limitations. Tap into BLEND’s global network of 25,000 translators with the help of our Multilingual Help Desk solution.

Hybrid Language Solution

Incoming customer support requests are machine translated for maximum cost and time efficiency. Outgoing responses are then written in your language of choice and receive machine translation plus human editing for maximum accuracy.

Plug ‘N Play Zendesk Integration

Kickstart your multilingual help desk integration in just five minutes. Multilingual Help Desk easily integrates with your existing Zendesk account, instantly connecting you to BLEND’s translation network.

AI Driven NMT Technology

Machine learning algorithms ensure increased machine translation accuracy over time. Enjoy double the customer support efficiency, at a fraction of the staffing cost.

Customize Language Quality Preferences

Prefer to customize your own language quality? Machine-only, human-only, or NMTPE (Neural Machine Translation with Post-Editing), choose your desired translation quality in any given language.

The perfect BLEND of human localization
services and translation technologies


NMT technology

With the perfect BLEND of NMT technology, API driven workflows and an expansive global team, we’re readily positioned to help you scale.

Dedicated customer service

Video games have aggressive development deadlines. Perfect. Our company is production focused and ready to meet your recording, editing, and delivery schedule. We'll chart a course at the onset of the project and will be an asset to the process, not a distraction.

Legacy of success

Toting over 12 years of established experience, connections, and challenges solved for - we’re transferring our legacy of success from OneHourTranslation into the best of BLEND.


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