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No matter your industry, we'll help you deliver locally so you can lead globally.
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eLearning & Education

Ensure a flawless and consistent educational experience, no matter the world location, age, or language of participants. Learn how our expert team of BLENDers can help you transform your educational materials, creating a highly relevant learning experience for participants worldwide.
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IT & Software

Grow and expand to diverse new markets, worldwide. Our native team of BLEND industry talent will help you localize and transcreate product instructions, user manuals, technical documentation, and more.
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Government & NGOs

Government legislation, social services, and non-governmental organization meetups - our native team of interpreters and localization experts will help you craft a smooth and impactful communication experience, no matter how culturally diverse the audience.
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iOS & Android Apps

Lifestyle and social media apps, productivity apps, and more, we’ll help you achieve global success, transcreating your app’s experience for multi-market audiences worldwide.
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Video & Mobile Games

Mobile games or gaming consoles, our localization team of avid gamers will help you translate and transcreate a thoroughly entertaining playing experience for individualized gaming markets worldwide.
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Marketing & Advertising

Improve your global marketing efforts with the help of our native local team. Website content, awareness films, media campaigns, and more, our global team of BLENDers will help you convey your message to distinctly different audiences, gaining maximum impact.
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Retail & eCommerce

Grow your annual revenue by establishing a local consumer following in varied markets. Our BLEND team of retail and eCommerce localization experts will help you translate and transcreate web materials, product packaging, retail training materials, and more.
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Travel & Tourism

Localize your website and brand materials to attract the attention and business of travelers around the world. Our native BLEND team will help you transform and translate company materials to resonate with the many varied cultures of your core audience.
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Casino & Gaming

Grow your gaming audience by extending local accessibility to gamers around the globe. Baccarat, Gin Rummy, Texas Hold ‘Em, and more, our casino-experienced BLENDers will help you recreate an entertaining gaming experience for a diverse array of global players.
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Blockchain & Crypto

From proof of concept to live production, our native team of BLENDers will help you translate user experiences for diverse audiences around the globe. Blockchain platforms and crypto trading sites alike, we’ll help you engender the feelings of trust and accountability your users seek.
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Engineering & Manufacturing

From concept to production, we’ll help you scale your business, expanding to markets around the globe. Our experienced team of BLENDers will partner with you to localize product patents, technical designs, packaging and assembly instructions, and more.
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Biomedical & Pharma

Biomedical devices, pharmaceutical trials and products, healthcare updates, and more, we’ll help you localize your company’s presence in markets around the globe, as per local compliance and regulatory guidelines.
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