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Deliver a Better Caller Experience with Brand-Focused Voices in Any Language

The world's largest customer support organizations rely on BLEND to improve their automated phone interactions. We provide friendly, natural-sounding voice personas that make it easy for customers to self-serve, helping contact centers better manage their call volumes and realize a faster ROI on large technology investments.
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Why Is BLEND the Best Choice for IVR & Contact Center Voice-Overs?

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Unmatched IVR voice-over experience

We've specialized in recording for enterprise telephony systems for decades. We work with every platform provider, understand your exact file formatting requirements, and know how to deliver the best-sounding experience possible to your callers, from both performance and technical standpoints.
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A business model built for telephony updates

Our voice actors are contracted for long-term availability, with many recording with us in prescheduled weekly sessions. That makes updates predictable and easy to plan! We'll keep your call flows sounding fresh for years after the initial audio deployment.
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Supporting global contact centers

No voice provider can match the in-house language and localization expertise of BLEND. Whether you're supporting Spanish-language audiences on a North American application or operating contact centers in dozens of cities across the globe, we'll ensure your callers receive a world-class experience that fits your budget and production timeline.

Enhance Your Caller Experience with Professionally-Recorded Voice Prompts

BLEND Voice records with many voice actors in prescheduled weekly sessions, perfect for IVR applications requiring frequent updates. Listen to those voices below, and then explore our complete voice catalog.
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BLEND Voice for IVR & Contact Center Applications

You may not have seen BLEND Voice in the marketplace, but you’ve definitely heard our professionally-recorded voices when you dial the world’s most recognized consumer brands, largest technology companies, and any business that values a brand-consistent customer experience in all the languages their customers speak.

It's Better to Be a Good Robot Than a Bad Person

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While most people would prefer to speak to a live representative every time they call a big company, it's no longer realistic. But the stereotype of the robot voice is outdated. Today's care-focused organizations use brand-authentic, professionally-recorded voice prompts, concise scripting, and innovative technology integrations to offer time-saving experiences that can actually be preferable to a live agent. BLEND is an essential contributor to thousands of such projects.
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Voice prompts for any telephony system

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From small automated attendant applications to enterprise IVR systems fronting global contact centers, BLEND Voice has you covered for every telephony application requiring prerecorded voice prompts.

IVR (touch-tone and speech recognition)

Automated attendant/virtual receptionist

Messaging On Hold (MOH)

Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Text-to-speech recordings (combining natural and synthetic voice)

Testing software

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