Life Science Localization

Localization for the life science industries requires a tricky combination of medical background, legal expertise, marketing skills, and a native understanding of local languages and cultures. Take your trial data, packaging, and patient communications local with BLEND.

Quick, accurate life science translations in over 120 languages will help keep everyone from the researcher to the regulator to the patient on the same page about your product. Improve the quality of your data, streamline approvals, and get your product to market quickly, with expert translations from subject matter specialists.
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Life Science Leaders Know Where to Turn
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A Local Approach to Global Scientific Innovation

When it comes to medical and pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacture, the details matter. Communicating those details correctly is crucial if you want to stay in business, let alone beat out the competition. That’s why localization is key.

Make sure researchers, regulatory bodies, medical professionals, and patients have information in their own language, written by experts. BLEND’s team of biomedical translators is made up of localization professionals with a range of biomedical degrees, hands-on industry training, and years of experience in a variety of life science specialties.

Life Science Localization that Weaves Your Brand into New Markets


Research Protocols & Reporting

Clinicians from around the world contribute to your research. Make sure they all have access to education materials and can report as needed, no matter what language they speak.

Regulatory Documentation

Get your product to market quickly with translation and localization that takes into account local regulations, conforms to legal language standards, and preserves meticulous scientific accuracy.

Brand Marketing Materials

Introduce yourself to the global medical research community with translations by subject matter experts who can convey your scientific sophistication while you sell yourself around the world.

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