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A Custom BLEND Of Services


Transform your content with ease, to communicate with your audience via a multitude of channels. From multilingual content writing, to bolstering SEO to gain increased global visibility, to voice-over recordings that turn your written scripts into films that bring your brand to life, our native localization team will ensure your brand deeply resonates with local audiences.

With a diverse team of BLENDers whose ethnicities and industry experiences runs the gamut, we’ll help natively embed your company’s offering beside that of the local competition. And the difference? Undetectable.

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Bring your brand to life with the right voice. From script to audio byte, our native team of international voice-over talent will help you transform written messaging into audible recordings that make your brand pop! Choose your preferred gender, dialect, accent, and voice in the language of your choice for a truly local multi-market experience.

Multilingual content writing

Produce blog posts, emails, landing pages, and more with content your users can directly relate to. No need to pivot first from English, or to translate articles on topics that garner limited regional interest. Our expert content writers will advise you on content that best relates to your brand’s industry while being most pertinent to local users.


Transcribe interviews, meetings, and other audio recordings with accuracy and ease. Our native blend of localization experts will transform your sound bytes into nearly flawless transcripts. Leveraging our expansive team of native talent, we’ll help you authentically deliver the content of your audio messaging to as many multi market audiences as you desire.


Ensure your data is easily searchable online, and transcreate new multi-market assets with ease. Our international team of native speaking industry experts will help you formulate new product titles and descriptions to increase local SEO rankings in user SERPs around the world.

Produce user generated content? Improve global growth rates by serving up a flawless native experience to varied users around the globe. Our expert translators will help post-edit (PE) and machine train your engines with company content, creating relevant user experiences at scale that thoroughly engage your audience, no matter what their country of origin.

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Make sure your content and products are easily searchable for all global consumers worldwide. We’ll assign a team of localization experts to transcreate product headers, consumer categories, and content tags in all relevant user languages, ensuring project consistency and branding guidelines for a truly native online presence.

Product descriptions

Retail or eCommerce business? Enter new markets and add new product offerings with speed. Our international team of experienced retail localization experts will help you translate and transcreate product descriptions at scale, creating easily searchable descriptions that resonate with each of your distinctly individual market audiences.

Machine learning

Harness the latest in natural language processing (NLP) technology to produce high-quality translations at scale. Our language technology experts will help machine train your engine with relevant industry content, achieving native sounding raw output in multiple languages, at minimal cost.


Power sustainable top-line growth in distinctly different markets worldwide. Our multi-market team of native talent will help you best localize your go-2-market strategy, communication concepts, product launch, and customer journey materials into digital and print assets that remain brand consistent, while generating the desired local impact.

And the formatting? No need to copy/paste strings of texts back into Drupal, PowerPoint, WordPress or other platforms. Thanks to the large host of CAT tools, TMS, and CMS plugins we custom integrate with, item formatting remains intact, and the interplay between image and text is accurately translated.

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Product marketing

Planning a new product launch or releasing the latest product iteration? Our native team of BLENDers will help you localize all associated materials into the languages of your choice, ensuring maximum brand consistency while adhering to a quick project turnover time.

Digital & printed advertising

Websites, email campaigns, conference brochures and more, our localization marketing experts will translate your digital and print collateral into the languages of your choice. We’ll ensure your company messaging speaks to the hearts and minds of individual users in each of the distinct markets you target, strategically managing the various languages you target and marketing materials you require.

Local Insight Reports

How locally appealing is your brand in each market? Find out with BLEND’s customized Local Insight Reports. A localization expert in your field will custom-audit your marketing materials, company offerings, payment methods, and more, providing you with valuable feedback and actionable insights that will guarantee increased local appeal.

Talent &

Lower overhead and hiring costs, and build better customer relationships! Our multi- market team of BLENDers provide flexible staffing solutions, allowing you to scale up during periods of peak volume and down during seasonal dips, saving valuable operational funds.

Address each customer in the preferred language of their choice, creating meaningful customer relationships. Support agents, hourly staffing, interpretations, and more, we’ll assign you the perfect blend of native talent – with industry experience to match. The result? Enhanced customer satisfaction at a fraction of the full-time cost.

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Live translate your business meetings, press conferences, seminars, and events with the help of simultaneous professional interpretations. BLEND’s remote interpretation services in the languages and dialects of your choice enables comfortable real-time communication between parties of differing origins.

Flexible staffing solutions

Optimize your customer service experience, catering to the unique linguistic needs of your clients. We'll help you maintain optimal multilingual staffing levels, with flexible staffing solutions. Whether you require contact-to-hire or a direct placement, we’ll help you select and custom-certify the perfect blend of native and industry talent from our multicultural ecosystem of BLENDers.

User testing

Review product functionality and test system performance with ease in a multitude of languages. We'll assign you a native talent to help test technical standards and overall ease of use, ensuring a flawless user experience, no matter where your users are located or what language they prefer.

Regulatory Services

Expand your presence to countries around the world without compromising on regulatory compliance or technical industry nuance. We’ll assign your project to a local industry veteran who is well acquainted with the ins and outs of industry terminology, compliance regulations, and accepted norms.

Enjoy the accurate and consistent creation of localized regulatory materials at market scale, be it proofreading of patent applications, translation of educational grants, transcreation of user manuals, subtitles for explanatory videos, or legal interpretation. With the perfect blend of local talent, coupled with the latest localization integrations to streamline the process, you’re guaranteed a quick and smooth translation for whichever global markets you expand to.

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Life Sciences

Clinical trials, academic grants, patent applications and more - we’ll help you navigate the localization process with ease, ensuring your materials meet regulatory compliance standards as well as local conventional nuances and norms. And with dedicated account management, the process couldn’t be smoother.


Criminal, family, international, environmental, tax law and more - we’ll assign the right blend of legal experience and linguistic talent to help you localize your materials. Communicate directly with project translators through our cutting-edge localization platform as needed for an accurate and consistent localization experience that unfailingly meets all project deadlines.


Fund management services, insurance policies, banking documents, fintech services, and more - we'll help you translate and transcreate documents in accordance with local regulatory standards. The right blend of industry talent coupled with native linguistic expertise ensures your content is accurately and consistently conveyed – no matter which markets you expand to.


Scale and streamline localization workflows using the latest industry technology. From API integrations, to our full suite of TMS and CAT tools, to on-demand translations and neural machine translation technology, BLEND offers the power of AI driven localization, blended with the perfection of the human touch.

We’ll apply the perfect mix of NLP technology and human talent to ensure your localization project meets all guidelines and deadlines with minimal hassle and cost, while providing maximum accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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API integrations

Speed up project delivery times and enjoy a hassle-free localization experience with the help of API-driven workflows. Our custom-developed data pipelines directly transfer user data over to project-allocated, BLEND-certified translators, reducing the potential for handover error and freeing up valuable organizational handover time – so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Neural machine translation

Scale your translation and markedly lower project costs with the help of NMT technology and NMTPE services. We integrate with a large variety of neural machine translation engines, selecting the optimal match for each individual project to produce quality translations at rapid scale. And with the addition of industry expert post-editing services? The seam between human and machine remains virtually undetectable.

On-demand translations

Need your content translated…yesterday? Directly upload your materials to our on-demand translation wizard and enjoy high-quality, quick translation and proofreading services in as little as one hour. With coverage of 120 languages, and support for dozens of file formats, we’ve got your content quick-fix covered.

Powered By

Community of BLENDers

Our international community of linguists fuel the BLEND business. With native knowledge of local markets, and a passion for helping grow global businesses, our local translators are the secret sauce behind BLEND's success.

NLP Technology

We believe in the power of natural language processing technology as the growth lever behind human limitation. CAT and TMS integrations, API driven workflows, neural machine translation engines and machine training are all integral parts of our localization tool kit for global success.

Localization as Service

We’re dedicated to delivering localization solutions that best power our clients’ global growth. We genuinely care about understanding your overall business strategy so we can provide you with the strategies and service to solve for it.

A BLEND of Benefits

Embedded technology

With an unrivaled localization technology platform, BLEND sits at the forefront of industry innovation. Using API driven workflows and custom integrations, we seamlessly connect our global team with client workflows, creating a truly native localization service experience.

Industry expertise

Whatever your company subject matter expertise is, we’ll match you to the perfect talent. Our multi-market team of global BLENDers possess a wide array of academic certifications and operational experience, helping companies weave an educated, native dialogue in over 120 languages.

Legacy of success

We’re veterans to the ins and outs of the industry. Toting over 12 years of established experience, connections, and challenges solved for - we’re transferring our legacy of success from OneHourTranslation into the best of BLEND.

Unmatched scalability

With the perfect BLEND of NMT technology, and an expansive global team, we’re readily positioned to help you scale. Whether entering new key markets or expanding to form a truly global presence worldwide, we’ll fuel your growth, every step of the way.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’ve helped thousands of businesses weave their brands into new local markets. But don’t take our word for it – see what our customers are saying.
"BLEND translated our content into a total of 48 languages and established a workflow for us on an external platform (TMS). The service was quick and easy to use, and they improved the quality of our translations. I will definitely continue to use BLEND for Xiaomi translations, as well as recommend them to others."
Santi Guan
Senior Localization Manager, Xiaomi
"BLEND translated our content into a total of 48 languages and established a workflow for us on an external platform (TMS). The service was quick and easy to use, and they improved the quality of our translations. I will definitely continue to use BLEND for Xiaomi translations, as well as recommend them to others."
Santi Guan
Senior Localization Manager, Xiaomi
"We have managed to create and build a great partnership with BLEND that lets our users translate their websites professionally.
The efforts and willingness to understand the needs of our users and to adjust their funnel and process accordingly were exceptional."
Karin Kraus
Head of Wix Multilingual, Wix
"We have managed to create and build a great partnership with BLEND that lets our users translate their websites professionally.
The efforts and willingness to understand the needs of our users and to adjust their funnel and process accordingly were exceptional."
Karin Kraus
Head of Wix Multilingual, Wix

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