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Deliver a natively local shopping experience with the perfect blend of advanced AI and expert human translation.
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Open your store to the world in just minutes

Be up and running after a fast, simple authentication step.

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Enhance your SEO and drive more traffic

Optimized product descriptions help shoppers from around the world find your store effortlessly.

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Manage your translations without leaving your site

Submit and receive translations directly from you store; just click 'publish.'

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The Best of Both Worlds:
Combining AI & Human Experts

BLEND Store Translation leverages BOTH AI innovations and professional human translators for webpages, catalogs, and product descriptions. Owners choose which elements to localize, selecting the relevant service types, language pairs, and translation methods including advanced machine translation and human translation and editing.

BLEND Store Translation for Shopify:
Grow your business with fast, perfectly-accurate translations.


Content Ownership

Translated content belongs to the store owner for good.

Auto-Save Functionality

Translated content saves automatically and is accessible any time.

Review & Editing

Access your content any time for review or editing.

Connect & Discover

Communicate directly with your translators (briefs, feedback, and ongoing updates).
Save Money

In-App Budget Management

Track, manage, and top-up your localization budget.
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Blend in, to truly stand out:
Single-source localization services for the enterprise.


Community of BLENDers

BLEND recruits only the best linguists, and assigns projects based on QA checks, customer reviews, ratings and achievements through our unique leveling system.​

Boutique Serve at Scale

We’re small and agile, but with the tech and network to grow at the speed of your business. A lean and mean machine. ​

Tech Extensibiity

You do you. BLEND is a tech-neutral partner that works with your established tech and tools, not the other way around.

With BLEND Store Translation for Shopify, keeping your product descriptions updated is a breeze, with automatic updates leveraging both advanced Al and human experts.

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