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Use Professional Voice-Overs to Develop Your Talent with Greater Engagement and Info Retention

Too many organizations shortchange their staff by not adequately investing in their training materials. "But it's all internal!" Nonsense. One of the easiest ways to develop your talent and on-board new hires is to liven up and polish your eLearning with professional voice narration. Instructional designers and eLearning companies rely on BLEND to enhance their messaging for better results in office and store locations all over the world.
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Why Is BLEND the Best Choice for eLearning Voice-Overs & Narration?


Compelling Prices, Fast Delivery

Hey, we get it. Cost is a factor in your eLearning content production. BLEND offers some of the most competitive pricing anywhere for professionally-recorded, fully-edited audio, which becomes even more attractive when combined with our prescheduled recording sessions and fast turnarounds.
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Platform Knowledge & Expertise

We've worked with a who's-who of eLearning companies and are familiar with all major LMS, CMS, slideware, and module hosting services. Your voice files will be delivered in a ready-to-load format, with all the general and unique specs your platform requires.
Industry expertise

International Focus

International workforces and ESL staff need the same care and quality as your domestic team members. With end-to-end localization and voice-overs in 120 languages, we ensure that they get it, keeping your teams aligned on best practices, protocols, and information.

Develop Your Teams with Engaging eLearning Voices

Listen to some eLearning voice over samples and languages, and then explore our complete voice catalog.
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French (Canadian)
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English (UK)
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BLEND Voice for eLearning & Talent Development

Give your multilingual teams an enhanced, engaging eLearning experience with voice and localization services by BLEND. From text materials to highly interactive narrated videos, modules, and slideware, we make sure your content engages your audience for faster adoption and better retention.

Supplementing Job Training for the Post-COVID Era

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Before the world went into lockdown, eLearning was already a staple in business and academia. Today, as remote work becomes increasingly normalized across the globe, it's more important than ever to maintain an on-demand library of eLearning resources for staffers and students whose return to on-site collaboration is unclear at best. It has never made more sense to funnel resources into the quality and publishing speed of eLearning content. BLEND is ready to meet your voice and language needs in all facets.
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Supported eLearning content and media

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From huge eLearning repositories to targeted, one-off presentations, BLEND gives your content the professional sheen it needs to communicate important business and customer support concepts with better practical results.

Product/process demo videos

Industrial videos

Content modules

Audio slideware

Web avatars & walkthroughs

Testing software

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