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Online Translation Technology & API

Speed up project delivery times and enjoy a hassle-free localization experience with the help of API-driven workflows.
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The BLEND Platform

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BLEND’s managed platform is your all-in-one enterprise localization hub—the place to manage your projects, languages, usage, settings, credits, and much more. Feature rich and intuitive, executing your multimarket strategy has never been so easy.  

Single-Source Localization

Whether you need text translation, multilingual voice recordings, video localization services, or cutting-edge language AI, the BLEND platform is the launchpad for all your content needs, connecting you to the perfect combination of human experts and MT innovations to localize at continuous scale.

Complete Orchestration

BLEND equips you for global growth with comprehensive, four-stage localization orchestration—pre-translation scoping, facilitation, and TM prep; establishing AI workflows and MT allocation; talent assignment and ongoing direct communication with expert linguists; and seamless post-processing and delivery.

Extensible & Scalable

Fully integrated with the most notable TMS engines, CAT tools, content management systems, and help desk solutions, BLEND is fully committed to tech-forward localization with a platform that enhances your existing enterprise connectors and grows at your speed of business.
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Our Translation & Localization APIs

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When Scale is Needed

From API integrations and our full suite of TMS and CAT tools, to on-demand translations and NMT technology, BLEND offers the best of AI-driven localization to fuel global growth.

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Fully-Customized APIs

If you have a large volume of content that needs to be translated in real-time, our translation API is designed for you. Scaling with your company, it integrates seamlessly and automatically translates new material as you create it, without any further investment or staff training necessary. Tell us about your business, your platforms, and your workflows, and we'll create a solution that will grow with your business.
eCommerce Listings
Update your listings simultaneously in various languages
Social Media
Release posts in 120+ languages, all at once and with the click of a button
Help Desk
Support multimarket customers across your entire product and service portfolio
Internal Communication
Maintain consistency and company unity within your business’ internal documentation and communication

Leading Brands Are Using Our Advanced
Technology Integrations And APIs


Our Localization

Tech Stack

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BLEND applies the perfect mix of NLP technology and human talent to ensure your localization project meets all guidelines and deadlines with minimal hassle and cost, while providing maximum accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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Machine Translation & NMT

Connect with a full suite of neural machine translation engines. Any expertise and language pair - the best NMT engine applied.


Improve translation quality and streamline your workflow! BLEND integrates with multiple translation management solutions (TMS) and computer assisted translation (CAT) tools.

CMS & Customer Support

Localize your content
directly from your digital platform.
Communicate with your customers in their native language, seamlessly.

Translation Memory (TM)

Tech that remembers what translates & localizes best, in 120 languages!
At BLEND, we work to ensure that your business’ translation and localization needs are met as quickly and as accurately as possible. Save valuable time and money with TM that translates words and phrases once, and remembers them for future projects.

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Large Documentation Projects

Maintain consistency and balance throughout your content, regardless of its size


Localization Projects

Accelerate and improve the quality of your localization projects with easy-to-retrieve words and phrases


Software & web Content updates

Ensure any new content matches your brand’s identity, language end tone


Technical Documentation Updates

Unite all your emloyees under your brand and clarify your mission with clear and consistent content, in over 120 languages

Glossary Management

Ensure translations remain consistent with your brand's tone and voice. Our advanced glossary management system allows you to create a glossary of preferred translation terms and phrases in any language, for accurate and consistent translations every time.
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Self-service translations on demand

Need your content translated...yesterday? Directly upload your materials to BLEND Express, our on-demand translation wizard, and enjoy high-quality, quick translation and proofreading services in hours. With experts in 120 languages, and support for dozens of file formats, we’ve got your content quick-fix covered.
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A BLEND of Benefits


Embedded technology

With an unrivaled localization technology platform, BLEND sits at the forefront of industry innovation. Using API driven workflows and custom integrations, we seamlessly connect our global team with client workflows, creating a truly native localization service experience.

Industry expertise

Whatever your company subject matter expertise is, we’ll match you to the perfect talent. Our multi-market team of global BLENDers possess a wide array of academic certifications and operational experience, helping companies weave an educated, native dialogue in over 120 languages.

Legacy of success

We’re veterans to the ins and outs of the industry. Toting over 12 years of established experience, connections, and challenges solved for - we’re transferring our legacy of success from OneHourTranslation into the best of BLEND.

Unmatched scalability

With the perfect BLEND of NMT technology, and an expansive global team, we’re readily positioned to help you scale. Whether entering new key markets or expanding to form a truly global presence worldwide, we’ll fuel your growth, every step of the way.

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Looking to natively embed your presence in new world markets? Speak with a representative today to discuss the perfect BLEND of localization services.