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BLEND’s translation wizard and custom integrations make it easy to upload your content in any format.

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We work with top professionals to ensure your website is flawless and fully in line with your brand’s voice and tone.

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Our website localization experts are here to assist you, so you get the highest quality website translation services.

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Easily update your site with multilingual content using BLEND’s website integrations for most available platforms.

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“Translating our website with BLEND was incredibly easy! We got the localized content back quickly and the quality was awesome. BLEND helped us go global, fast.

-Alicia, Project manager, Streamcreative

Use one of BLEND’s easy translation integrations


Website translation directly from Wordpress

WPML‘s WordPress plug-in lets you submit your website’s pages to BLEND for translation, right from your WordPress CMS!

Learn more about this WordPress translation plug-in

Drupal website translation in 120 languages

TMGMT’s Drupal plug-in let’s you easily manage your website localization with BLEND.

Learn more about BLEND’S Drupal plug-in

Custom-made APIs for any website platform

BLEND’s customized integrations make it easy to manage and scale your website translations!

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Simple pricing

Upload your materials and get an immediate quote. You only pay for words translated.

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Our professional translators are also domain experts - legal, marketing, crypto, gaming - we cover it all.

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Over 12 years of experience and 7 billion words translated puts us in the perfect position to turn your website global.

Website Translation Services FAQ

What is website localization?

Professional website localization services go beyond just basic website translation. When expanding into new markets, it’s important to not only translate your website content, but to take into account the entire user experience. Text in foreign languages needs to fit your site’s layout, images and product descriptions need to be localized to appeal to local users, and pricing needs to be in the local currency with the option to use local payment options. Our website localization experts can take care of all of these aspects and more.

Why is website localization important?

Website localization is vital for a business to grow and expand beyond the local market. A multilingual website helps brands compete with other local and global vendors, meet their market’s expectations, and improve conversion rates.

What type of websites can BLEND translate?

Whether it’s a personal website or blog, e-commerce website, or any other type of business site, our website translators can help you reach more people online in their own language. Based on your website’s industry and other factors, we’ll assign a translator with the relevant expertise who can best complete your project. When necessary, we’ll even split the project between different expert translators, depending on if you need someone versed in legal translation, marketing, or another specialty. Here are just some examples of the website translation services we can assist with:

– E-commerce websites

– Informational websites

– Personal websites

– Product descriptions

– Community-building websites

– Blogs

– Press releases

– News articles

– Contact forms

– Payment funnels

How does the WPML integration work?

BLEND integrates directly with the WPML plugin for WordPress to make it easy for you to open translation projects for multiple website pages and in multiple languages directly in your WordPress CMS dashboard. Once you do so, a project will automatically open in the BLEND Express Wizard and you can add a brief or speak to your translators there. For more details about how to use and set up this integration, visit our help center. Click here to learn more.

How does the Drupal integration work?

To translate your website, open your BLEND account and download the One Hour Translation module (tmgmt_oht) plugin for TMGMT. Our plugin is built for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Benefit from professional content translation and advanced translation management for all text elements including Nodes, Entities and I18n Strings. Click here to learn more.

How does the Wix integration work?

To get started with translating your Wix website, get in touch with our support team. We’ll be happy to speak to you to understand your language needs and match you with the perfect translator to create your multilingual Wix website. Click here to learn more.

What if I need translators with multiple expertise for different parts of my website?

No problem! When opening a website translation project, we recommend creating multiple projects based on the expertise you need in each language. For example, if you need a legal translator for your terms and conditions, open a project for a legal translator and submit it. If you also need a marketing expert to translate your CTAs and landing pages, you can open another project for that. If you need a crypto expert to translate a blog post related to the topic, open another project for that. The possibilities are endless, and our integrations even make it possible to open these many projects all at once. 

How do I know if I should translate or localize my website?

If you want to truly resonate with local users, website localization is the best way to do so. Our translators are experts not only at the languages they work with, but the cultures of their native countries. When they translate your website, they will also make sure to localize the content to match cultural nuances, expectations, expressions, etc in your target market. If you need other aspects of your website, such as imagery, localized, please include this in your brief. 

I need a website translation urgently. How fast can you complete my project?

The time to complete your website translation will depend on the size of your website, how many pages/words you are translating, and what other aspects of your website you need localized. A more accurate time estimate based on your word count, language pair, and required expertise will be visible at checkout. If you need your project faster than the time we calculate for you, you can select the “Urgent Delivery” option at checkout or contact customer support to speed things up. 

What are BLEND’s rates for website translation services?

Website translation rates can vary depending on the expertise and language pairs needed, and the overall cost depends on the number of pages or parts of your website that need to be translated as well. For example, translating a personal website or blog with no industry expertise required will likely be less costly than a business website that requires a legal translator for the terms & conditions, or a technical translator for technical content.

If you have a large volume of content with many repeating words or phrases specific to your business, we can use translation memory to cut down on the time and cost of your website translation by only doing the translation once and then re-using it. See below the plans you can choose from when translating your website.

What’s the difference between Translation and Localization?

Translation and localization both transform content to another language, but there are key differences that set them apart. Translation is the process of changing text from one language to another with the goal of sticking to the exact meaning of the content. Localization is an umbrella term that refers to end-to-end transformation including translation and content optimization, such as imagery, payment, and technical aspects of a funnel and customer experience to appeal to local markets. Localization places a strong focus on cultural context.

Website Translation Rates and Costs

Website translation by a native translator of your chosen languages. Recommended for simple personal websites that do not require any specific expertise.
Pro Plus
Website translation by a native translator of your chosen languages. Quality review and editing by a second native translator. This plan is recommended for simple customer-facing websites that do not require specific expertise.
Website translation by a native speaker of your chosen language with expertise in marketing or your website's subject matter. Recommended for websites requiring a specific type of expertise.
Expert Plus
Website translation by a native speaker of your chosen language with expertise in marketing or your website's subject matter. Reviewed and proofread by a second translator with the same expertise. Highly recommended for larger business websites.

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