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Business General

General business content

From $0.096 / word
Examples: Product Descriptions, Social Media, E-mails


Industry-specific content

From $0.13 / word
Requires industry expertise from the translator
Depending on your project, we offer you different levels of service to choose from, with an option to choose industry-specific expertise that fits your needs.

Translate your content into over 100 languages.

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Some of the projects we offer:

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Website translation

~3000 words
From $400
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Legal Document

(15 pages, ~5000 words)
From $620
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Government Certificate Translation

From $80 per page
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PowerPoint Presentation

~300 words
From $40
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10 Google ads

Translation by an ads expert
From $140
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Mobile App translation by a gaming expert

~2000 words
From $240
Need personalized help?

Need personalized help?

Our enterprise solutions allow for scalable translation and localization. Contact our sales team to get a translation quote for bigger projects.

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How do we put together a translation quote?

The rates for translation are determined by a few factors that come together to determine the final translation quote for your specific project.

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Language pair

The languages you translate to and from will impact your translation price. The rates for translation increase for more rare language pairs, as there are fewer translators available and their services are in high demand. The cost of living in the country where the language is spoken also plays a role. For example, English to Spanish has a lower translation rate per word than English to Japanese, as there are fewer Japanese translators, and the cost of living in Japan is higher.


Delivery time

We promise fast turnaround times for all projects. However, should you need a project completed urgently, we are happy to provide extra fast translation for an extra fee. A higher translation fee guarantees that one of our skilled translators will make your project their top priority, or allows us to split a large project among multiple translators, and return the completed translation to you in record time.


Field of expertise

The subject matter, industry, or field of expertise plays a factor in translation cost. Translators with expertise in certain areas, like legal, finance, or marketing, may charge a higher translation rate per word than translators who work on general projects.


Quality control

Our Standard package ensures that you will receive a high-quality translation from a professional translator. However, if you would like an extra layer of quality assurance, we offer proofreading and editing for an additional cost. You can get a translation quote for both options and decide which package is right for you based on your translation needs.

Why translate with BLEND Express?

Our enterprise solutions allow for scalable translation and localization.
Contact our sales team to get a translation quote for bigger projects.

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High Quality

Our professional, native-speaking translators take extra care to get your translation just right. For an extra layer of quality assurance, we also offer the option to add proofreading to your order.
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Fast Delivery

We never sacrifice quality for speed – but we still work fastwe do provide fast turnover! Get your translation back in as little as 24 hours (depending on the size of the project, of course). Need it even faster? We can do that, too.
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Dedicated Service

When you pay for translation, you also get so much more. Our support team goes above and beyond every day to ensure your needs are met and all your questions are answered. Reach out to us whenever you need a little extra help!

How to pay for your translation

To make it easy to pay for translations, we have a credit system set up for BLEND customers.

As soon as you register for an account with BLEND, you’re able to purchase credits. We accept all currencies and allow secure payment via credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer. Your credits will be saved to your account and will be ready for whenever you want to pay for a translation. When you place an order, the final translation quote will be given in your default currency – so you know how much you’ve actually spent – as well as in the number of BLEND credits. When you pay, those credits will be deducted from your account.

This credit system standardizes translation rates across all currencies, making it easier for you to pay for your translations, and for us to pay our translators.

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Translation Rates FAQ

How much does it cost to get urgent delivery?

We are happy to split large projects between multiple translators in order to get your translation completed faster, or to pay one of our translators extra to make your project their top priority. This will cost you an extra 30% on top of the base price. Just select the urgent delivery option at checkout to get the final translation quote for urgent projects.

Is there a minimum I need to spend on translation?

Yes, there is a minimum purchase amount of $20 per order. If your project costs less than $20, then the difference will be credited to your BLEND account for future use.

Do you offer a discount for large purchases?

For businesses looking to complete large enterprise projects, our sales team will be happy to speak with you to understand your needs and determine a price for your custom project.

Are there any additional fees or taxes on top of the base cost?

We do charge a service fee for each order, which helps ensure the availability of translators, as well as outstanding quality of service and customer support. If your order is over $100, this fee will be lower.

Do you ever have sales on translations?

We do have seasonal promotions or special offers from time to time. Once you register for an account, you will receive emails about any relevant offers – so keep an eye out!

Can I cancel or change my order?

Until the moment that your project has been picked up by one of our translators, you are still able to cancel it and get a full refund. If your project has already been taken, this means the translator has begun working on it. At this stage, you will need to discuss with our customer support whether or not you are able to cancel the order. Their answer may depend on the status of the project. You are always able to make changes to an open project by communicating directly with the translator.

How do I know my word count?

If you already know the word count of your project, you can enter it in our Wizard to get a translation quote. If you’re unsure, you can upload your file(s) to the Wizard and our system will run an automatic word count in order to provide you with a quote or allow you to prepay for your translation.

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