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2023 Localization Hall of Fame: Top Localized Assets of the Year

A collection of the best and most impactful localized assets of the year.​

Message from BLEND

To kick off 2024, we wanted to look back on this past year and celebrate the localization industry’s growth. Oftentimes, localization can go unrecognized despite the important part it plays in the customer experience that any modern-day company delivers to diverse audiences.

Localization is a time-consuming, complex process with many moving parts. Whether a company has a localization team of 20 or a team of one, the people behind the curtain work hard to give globally and culturally diverse audiences equally native experiences. 

To celebrate the Localization Managers, Marketing Managers, and team leads that make the magic happen, we selected some of the top localization assets of 2023 from a pool of submissions. The following collection showcases the incredible impact of these localization initiatives on international brands and the industry at large.

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AppsFlyer’s New Vietnamese Website Launch

Submitted by Debora Cohen, Head of Localization at AppsFlyer, a mobile marketing analytics & attribution platform

Pride-worthy project

AppsFlyer’s localization team launched their 10th language on their website – Vietnamese.

Project impact

“This is an astonishing achievement that reflects the dedication and hard work of many team members. Vietnam stands out as one of the key contributors to our ARR in the SEAPAC region, making this launch a monumental milestone for our entire team.

This accomplishment not only signifies a strategic move to enhance our brand but also positions us to excel in lead generation, generate increased web traffic, and provide unparalleled support to our valued customers in Vietnam.”

– Debora Cohen

Check out AppsFlyer’s Vietnamese site

Bolt’s “Women at the Wheel” Campaign

Submitted by Sälli Silm, Localization Program Manager at Bolt, a ride sharing app 

Pride-worthy project 

Bolt’s localization team localized the “Women at the Wheel” campaign into more than 20 languages for several assets including landing pages, safety features, blog posts, videos, emails, press releases and advertisements.

“We had many exciting localization projects in 2023, and it was very difficult to choose only one that we are the most proud of. We discussed it with our world’s best language specialists, and came to the conclusion that one of our favorites was the ‘Women at the Wheel’ campaign.” – Sälli Silm

The localization process

Bolt’s “Women at the Wheel” campaign came from months of roundtable talks with women drivers worldwide. Together with women drivers, Bolt identified the obstacles holding women back from extra earning opportunities, and developed a wide range of solutions to address their concerns. Bolt’s localization team then got to work, translating the many assets into 20+ languages.

Project impact

“Bolt invested €2.5 million to help women all over the world earn money as drivers with Bolt. Only 7.2%* of women consider driving as a way to make money and we are here to change that. Because we believe that more women drivers means better and safer rides for everyone. Make sure to watch the linked video 💚 ‘Shut up and let me drive!’”

– Sälli Silm

Cambridge Health Alliance’s Strategy Report Translation

Submitted by Ingrid Gamez, Supervisor Multicultural Affair and Patient Services at CHA, a healthcare provider

Pride-worthy project 

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) translated their Implementation Strategy Report into their three main languages – Portuguese, Spanish and Haitian Creole. CHA has a long history of working alongside communities to improve community health and wellbeing. After identifying community needs and prioritizing action, CHA developed the Implementation Strategy Report, a set of goals, objectives, and activities to address the community’s needs. 

Some of the main themes of the report include building equity principles and developing improved communication and information sharing, making it especially important to translate the reports into their community’s main languages besides English.

The localization process

For CHA, translating key reports successfully boils down to open communication with their translator team. By working with BLEND, CHA was able to have an open dialogue directly with the translators themselves. 

“The translators collaborate tremendously by allowing us to have an open dialogue on a project that needed to be completed in a month’s time, it was lengthy and we needed DTP assistance in order to maintain the original layout in English. We felt supported and listen to. The back and forth on last minute changes was received well and we got replied if not on the same day, early morning the next day.”

– Ingrid Gamez

Project impact

“The final product came as a beautiful equivalent of the original one with the cultural localization needed for the respective communities we serve at CHA. We were praised by the Population Health Department for the accuracy and quality shown on the three translations. 

This work could not have been possible without the patience and hard work of the translation and tech support team at BLEND. We are proud to collaborate and work hard alongside our language partners to bring the Health Information to our LEP patients. 

Always grateful and appreciative for all the dedication and improvements made to facilitate our demanding high volume of translations. BLEND is an amazing partner to work with and our collaboration will only get stronger from here on, we are sure of that.” – Ingrid Gamez

Cato Networks’ Multilingual Blog Launch

Submitted by Natascha Riegger, Localization Marketing Manager at Cato Networks, a network security company 

Pride-worthy project

Cato Networks launched their blog in Japanese, German, French and Italian this year. The blogs feature localized articles as well as original content created specifically for these markets.

The localization process

Creating multilingual blogs was a collaborative effort of Cato’s local teams in each respective region. With their help, Cato’s localization team was able to ensure that each blog topic selected would be relevant for the specific market while adjusting the tone of voice of the content accordingly.

Project impact

“We realized that localizing our content, especially our blog content, is an integral part in targeting international markets. Cato’s blog is an important SEO asset for our website, and it contains informational content as well as updates regarding our company’s latest technological and business developments. 

By tailoring this content to our readers in Japan, DACH, France and Italy, we wanted to make sure Cato’s message can reach a wider audience across the globe. Since launching our multilingual blogs, we were able to drive more traffic to our language website from these regions.”

– Natascha Riegger

Fiverr’s German Homepage Localization

Submitted by the International Growth Team at Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelance services

Pride-worthy project

As the first touchpoint for many of their users, Fiverr’s homepage is a key part of the customer journey. That’s why Fiverr’s International Growth Team created a localized landing page specific to their German users. 

The localization process

“The decision to move to a localized landing page, finetuned to the interests of our German users, is an important milestone. After in depth UX research we created a new design, added trust elements and more educational content.” – Reinate Apelstein

Project impact

“And it works! The renewed homepage improved engagement and business KPI’s. The positive results of a localized German Homepage will be a stepping stone for implementing localized practices into other local homepages.”

– Reinate Apelstein

Check out Fiverr’s German Homepage

HiBob’s Software Localization in 3 New Languages

Submitted by Pavel Riazanov, Senior Localization Manager at HiBob, a digital HR platform

Pride-worthy project

HiBob localized their software product into 3 new languages – Polish, Finnish, and Turkish.

The localization process

“Due to HiBob’s steady expansion to new markets, it was decided to add 3 new languages in 2023. Each of the languages was a challenge in terms of localization, because each of them had certain features that required thorough research and preparation. 

For example, Polish was the first Slavic language that features a complex plurality pattern. In order to accommodate it, we had to implement certain changes in the core, to replace the variable parameter format in the code and adopt ICU libraries. 

Finnish is notorious for its complex grammar and absence of prepositions, which required the entire UI/UX content team to get involved and restructure certain patterns in the UI so that the Finnish phrases would fit in. At the same time, the Localization team had to work closely with the Finnish linguists and find creative workarounds wherever the change was not possible. 

Finally, the Turkish language – our most recent addition – is known for a syntactic structure different from all the languages we’d had until recently. It’s verb-final and if the product contained concatenated strings, that would make Turkish localization very hard and in some cases impossible. To overcome this, we started a hunt to find and eliminate concatenated strings across the product wherever possible and eventually completed Turkish localization successfully. 

All three languages required a great deal of preparation and a lot of educational activity among the engineers and developers, promoting and evangelizing internationalization and localization principles.” – Pavel Riazanov 

Project impact

“Adding these three new languages has greatly contributed to exporting our brand to new locales and helped us onboard a number of very important customers who have significantly boosted HiBob’s ARR in 2023.”

– Pavel Riazanov

Explore HiBob’s Platform in Polish, Finnish, and Turkish

ONE ZERO’s English App Launch

Submitted by Ziv Avraham, Content Marketing Lead at ONE ZERO, a private digital banking service

Pride-worthy project

Israeli digital bank ONE ZERO took on the immense task of completely localizing their customer experience from Hebrew to English, including their website, marketing communications, and most importantly their app – the primary product for their users.

The localization process

ONE ZERO’s product and marketing teams collaborated to produce their first additional language offered on their app. As a complex banking app, it was important for ONE ZERO’s team to complete a thorough, accurate English translation and localization without cutting corners. In order to provide their English-speaking users with a localized experience throughout their customer journey, ONE ZERO’s team decided to not only release a localized app and website, but ensure that all their communications would be localized as well, including SMS, WhatsApp, newsletters and more. 

By developing a translation glossary and working with BLEND’s professional team, they were able to establish efficient translation workflows for fast turnaround on all Hebrew to English translations without compromising on quality and accuracy.

Project impact

The result? A seamless user experience for Hebrew and English speakers alike with ONE ZERO’s fully digital banking services. 

Check out ONE ZERO’s English localization

Priority Software’s Website Translation and Rebranding

Submitted by Miki Weiser, Director of Demand Generation at Priority Software, an open cloud-based business management solution provider

Pride-worthy project

In 2023, Priority Software’s website got a major revamp including comprehensive rebranding and translation into English, Dutch, and Hebrew – no doubt a challenging yet rewarding endeavor.

The localization process

“The extensive rebranding and complex integration of five acquired companies without compromising the distinct identity and strengths of each entity posed a significant challenge in terms of unifying disparate systems and content. Successfully localizing the website meant navigating and harmonizing a complex array of product information, technical details, and corporate cultures. 

Translating and localizing the website into English, Dutch, and Hebrew required not only linguistic skills but also a deep understanding of the cultural nuances in each region.” – Miki Weiser

Project impact

Enhanced Global Reach and Business Growth: By enabling effective communication with a broader audience in their native languages, the website has enhanced customer engagement. This success is evident in the increased traffic from the US and Canada as well as Benelux regions, which has translated into higher engagement rates and customer interactions. 

Team Collaboration and Learning: The project was a tremendous learning opportunity for the Priority Software team. It fostered collaboration across different departments and geographies, encouraging a sharing of knowledge and best practices. The challenges faced and overcome during this project have strengthened the team.

This project stands out for its scale, the complexity of the integration involved, and its success in establishing a truly global and accessible online presence for Priority Software – a source of great pride for the entire team.”

– Miki Weiser

Visit Priority Software’s New Website

Shopify’s Editions Summer 2023

Submitted by María Rodríguez Rodríguez and Nelly Lalany, Senior Localization Program Manager and Localization Program Manager at Shopify

Pride-worthy project

Twice a year, Shopify unveils a highly-anticipated rundown of everything they built in the last six months: Shopify Editions. Editions Summer ’23 featured more than 100 product updates under the theme “Imagine my business.” Together with the whole localization team and Shopify partners from other departments, the Edition landing page and collateral assets were localized into six languages: French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

The localization process

“This project was especially demanding from a localization perspective. Not only did we tackle technical complexities head-on, but we also navigated a multitude of changes and dependencies, adhered to strict terminology guidelines, expertly and quickly handled video subtitling, and fostered close cooperation with an extensive network of stakeholders.” – María Rodríguez Rodríguez and Nelly Lalany

Project impact

The localized Editions pages drew audiences from all over the world and received a notable amount of traffic from regions outside of North America. This unprecedented level of traffic surpassed their performance expectations, solidifying Shopify and its growing merchant base as a globally recognized brand.

“Our dedication to making commerce better for everyone shines through every aspect of this project. We understand the power of localization in creating seamless experiences for businesses worldwide. By ensuring our Editions resonate with diverse audiences, we empower entrepreneurs to reach new heights of success, ushering in a new era of commerce full of brand new possibilities.”

– María Rodríguez Rodríguez and Nelly Lalany

Check out Shopify Editions Summer

TikTok’s Gender-Sensitive German Interface

Submitted by Macarena Gándara, Localization Quality Manager at TikTok, a short-form video social media app

Pride-worthy project

In 2023, TikTok’s localization project for their German users stands out. TikTok’s localization team spearheaded the introduction of gender-sensitive language using the gender asterisk (*) in their app. The aim of the project was to create more in-app inclusivity through German language UI, ensuring a comprehensive representation of diverse gender identities.

Project impact

“This project holds immense pride for us due to its groundbreaking impact. Introducing gender-sensitive language using the gender asterisk in our app was a pioneering move. It not only supported inclusivity but also made Germany the first TikTok market worldwide to introduce gender-sensitive language using the gender asterisk in the app. This initiative aligns with our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and respectful user experience for all.”

– Macarena Gándara

Wix’s AI Chat Localization in 20 Languages

Submitted by Elena Both, German Product Localization Team Lead at Wix, a website-building platform

Pride-worthy project

Wix’s product localization team localized a new AI onboarding chat experience to 20 languages that assists users in building a website tailored to their needs. In a human-like conversation, the users can describe their business using their own words. By asking the relevant questions, the AI can understand the user’s business requirements and makes personalized website recommendations including design, content and website features.

The localization process

“As AI features become more integrated in various business solutions, it’s crucial to make sure these technologies work well and are accessible across different regions. Therefore, it was particularly important for us to have the chat experience closely evaluated by our localization experts, gather their feedback, and assess the results for each language.” – Elena Both

Project impact

“Although the quality of AI-generated content still varies across languages, our new conversational AI onboarding was able to significantly improve the website building process for our international users.”

– Elena Both

See Wix’s AI Chat in Action in German

Deema Jaradat’s Online English-Arabic Termbase

Submitted by Deema Jaradat, translator, developer, and graduate student at Kent State University

Pride-worthy project

As a part of her graduate studies at Kent State University, Deema developed the first-ever free web-based English-Arabic term base that aims to improve access to services for US-based people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), in line with Executive Order 13166. Comprising a 100+ US immigration-related terms in both Arabic and English, this resource is the first-ever to specifically target Arabic-speaking LEP persons in the US. 

The localization process

“I developed the term base with usability, learnability and accessibility in mind. As such, it offers flexible term look up options; has a simple, intuitive, and explicit user interface (UI); and adopts a purpose-oriented approach to translation.” – Deema Jaradat

Project impact

“It is hoped that this work will help standardize Arabic equivalents for US immigration-related terms, and promote localization as effective means of enhancing language accessibility and ending communication bottlenecks.”

– Deema Jaradat

Check out Deema’s English-Arabic Termbase

Taking localization to the next level in 2024

Thank you to all the incredible localization teams and individuals that are taking this industry to the next level with each passing year. From the initial localization strategy to project management and quality assurance, getting projects like these done isn’t easy – but it is rewarding.

Feeling inspired to take your localization to the next level? Our tech-driven platform, team of localization experts, and network of professional translators can help you simplify your brand’s multi-market expansion, from strategy to execution and even quality assurance. Contact us to learn more.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the 2022 edition of the Localization Hall of Fame.

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