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Why use our English to Japanese
translation services?

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Native Japanese translators

Translating for a Japanese audience requires not only intimate knowledge of the language, but also of Japanese culture. Our native translators will ensure you connect with your Japanese audience.

Quick delivery

Our quick English to Japanese translation services ensure you never miss a deadline, without sacrificing quality. Our Japanese translators work hard every day to return top notch translations to you on time.

Easy project management

Our self-service platform makes English to Japanese translation a breeze. Upload your materials, provide a translation brief, and get an instant quote. Then you can relax and leave the rest to our expert translators.

Simple communication

It’s easy to chat with your translator any time you need. Questions, feedback, and clarifications are welcome, and our platform ensures your translator is always in the loop.

English to Japanese Translation Rates

We offer various pricing levels, so you can choose the Japanese translation option that best suits your needs.
from $0.17 / word
Translation by a professional native Japanese translator. Recommended for personal translations or internal business use.
Pro Plus
from $0.25 / word
Translation by a professional native Japanese translator, as well as editing by a second translator. Recommended for important texts meant for publication.
from $0.19 / word
Translation by a professional native Japanese translator with specific subject matter expertise. Recommended for texts requiring subject matter expertise in Japanese.
Expert Plus
from $0.26 / word
Translation by a professional native Japanese translator with subject matter expertise. Editing by a second translator with the same expertise. Highly recommended for texts meant for publication that require subject matter expertise in Japanese.

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Why should I invest in Japanese translation services?

Japanese is a unique language, and only native speakers can truly convey the cultural and typographical subtleties of the language. With our extensive network of translators around the globe, BLEND always has native English to Japanese translators ready to work on your projects – whether they be for personal or business use. 

Speaking of business, Japan may be a small country, but it is also the third-largest economy in the world, making Japan an ideal market for expanding your business. But it’s not only those in Japan you should focus on; but Japanese is also the 9th most spoken language in the world, with 125 million native speakers. In Hawaii, 12% of the population speaks the language, and over 400,000 people in the US alone are Japanese speakers. With such a large potential audience around the world, it’s important that your translations are done by a professional for the most accurate results. Whether it’s for business or personal translations, you can trust our linguists to get the job done. 


What can I translate?

Our Japanese translators come from a variety of professional backgrounds and are experts in various subjects, as well as the nuances of the language. Here are some of the types of English to Japanese translation projects they can complete:
Japanese website translation
Japanese product descriptions
Japanese marketing materials and ads
Japanese emails, letters, articles, certificates, and more

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How it works

Using our English to Japanese translation services is easy as 1, 2, 3 – just follow these easy steps:

Open a project with the BLEND Express Wizard.

Choose your Japanese dialect and language pair, upload your materials, and provide a translation brief to better describe your project.

The Wizard will quickly find the best Japanese translator to fit your needs.


Get your translation fast.

Track your project’s status and communicate directly with the translator at any time.

Japanese Translation Services FAQ

I need an urgent Japanese translation. How fast can you complete my project?

We do our best to complete all our translations in 1-2 business days. A more accurate time estimate based on your word count, language pair, and required expertise will be visible at checkout. If you need a faster translation service, you can select the “Urgent Delivery” option at checkout or contact customer support to speed things up.

I don’t speak Japanese. How can I ensure the quality of the translation?

All of our Japanese translators have undergone a certification process to ensure they provide accurate professional online translation services. If you’d like to ensure an extra layer of quality assurance for your projectwe suggest selecting a payment option that includes editing or proofreading by a second translator.

I need a Japanese translator who is also an expert in a specific field/industry. Can I specify this when ordering my translation?

Of course! We have Japanese translators who are experts in tourism, finance, gaming, marketing, and other areas who can work on your project, and you can specifically request these experts when opening a translation project. 

Are there different types or dialects of Japanese? How will I know which one to translate into?

While there are various sub-dialects and forms of writing, the two main ones are considered to be the Tokyo-type dialect and the Kyoto-Osaka-type dialect, which differ in terms of cadence, intonation and vocabulary. Based on your project, we will assign a translator to work in the proper dialect for your needs.

Does Japanese localization take into account the difference in word length using Japanese characters? What about vertical writing?

Yes, of course. Japanese is made up of characters, many of which can represent entire words, phrases, or ideas using much less space than English words, or other Latin languages. Our experts understand this, and if your localization project involves fitting text into a design – for example, a title or button on a website – they will ensure that everything still looks great. In fact, it’s much easier to do this when translating English to Japanese than to some languages, such as German, where words are often much longer than in English. Though Japanese is traditionally written vertically, in modern times it is often written and read from left to right, so this should not cause any localization issues.

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