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Book and Podcast Recommendations for Localization and Growth Teams in 2024

Looking for books to add to your must-read list for the year? Or interesting podcasts for your daily commute? Look no further! We gathered book and podcast recommendations from our team and localization professionals we trust to create a comprehensive and well-curated reading and listening list from the best in the industry. 

Don’t miss these top-notch book and podcast recommendations for anyone in the localization, globalization, or international marketing fields. 

Must-Reads: Book Recommendations for 2024

The Culture Map by Erin Meyer

Recommended by not one, but two localization pros we trust, this is a must-read for any business leader in today’s globalized world. Chances are you work with people that come from different countries and cultural backgrounds than yourself, a common experience in the modern workplace. International business expert Erin Meyer guides readers through the art of working with international colleagues, partners, and clients through lessons and a framework you can always refer back to. 

“One book I read recently and actually found interesting is The Culture Map which doesn’t necessarily focus on localization, but many parts of it can be applied to how different cultures see business, their business persona and etc, which is valuable for International Marketing.”

– Luciana Almeida Tub, International Marketing Team Lead at monday.com 

“This book is a must read not only for those working in localization, but also for anyone who interacts with stakeholders from different backgrounds or is part of a culturally diverse team.”

– María Rodríguez Rodríguez, Localization Program Manager at Shopify

Get The Culture Map

The Language of Localization by Katherine Brown-Hoekstra

Not your typical daily read, The Language of Localization is a must-have reference book that defines 52 key terms that every localization and business professional should know. This is a great resource for anyone new to localization, business owners that want to better understand localization, and localization department leads that want to educate their peers. 

“It’s a great compendium of the main terms related to i18n and l10n that I keep on my desk in case I need to send a quick definition to someone who’s not in the industry. Each entry is written by a different expert and features a definition, a statement of why it is important, and a very brief essay describing why business professionals need to understand the term. It seems so simple but it’s powerful and I find myself reaching to it again and again. It’s published by XML Press and the Content Wrangler.”

– Giulia Greco, Head of Localization at Shopify

Discover The Language of Localization

Found in Translation by Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzche 

Learn more about translation’s profound impact on our world and society in this fun and informative read from language industry experts Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzche. 

“It’s an interesting and easy read, full of funny stories, that shows the translators’ perspective (which is super important to understand if you work in the industry).”

– Polina Peker, Project Manager at BLEND

Read Found in Translation

Legends of Localization by Clyde Mandelin

A blast from the past, this is the perfect book for localization professionals and gamers alike. In the Legends of Localization Book 1: The Legend of Zelda, author Clyde Mandelin explores the original localization of “Legend of Zelda,” including detailed comparisons between the Japanese and localized English versions. 

“I’m sharing a charming book about early localization in the NES era. It’s always good to take a step back, see how far we’ve come as industries (Loc and Gaming) and learn from the past so we can make a better future.”

– Pascal Azócar, Customer Success Manager at BLEND 

Learn from the Legends of Localization

Also recommended by Pascal:
“Localization Fireside Chat” podcast with Robin Ayoub

Take Your Company Global by Nataly Kelly

Recommended by William Spalding, Localization Manager at Backbone, Take Your Company Global is Nataly Kelly’s latest book, detailing her data-backed model for successful international business expansion in today’s global marketplace. Kelly breaks down three key areas of measurement for businesses to understand if, how, and when they should invest into growing a market, making this another essential read for business leaders in 2024. 

Read more about Take Your Company Global

The Corporate Terminologist by Kara Warburton

If you’ve been meaning to take a deep dive into understanding terminology management for multilingual content production, this is your guide! Learn the ins and outs of terminology management for global corporations, including why they’re important, practical how-tos, and essential tools.

“Whether you’re a large multi-million dollar LSP, or a freelancer, terminology management can surely enhance your productivity and efficiency, help improve your profitability, and maximize your ROI–of self-development, employee engagement, and client satisfaction.

That said, the importance of terminology management as a prerequisite for providing high-quality translations in, by and for fast-paced and evolving landscapes–such as corporates–is still often undermined. If you’re looking for something succinct, straightforward and comprehensive to get you started, this is just the book! Happy reading!”

– Deema Jaradat, Linguist

Check out The Corporate Terminologist 

Best Listens: Podcast Recommendations for 2024

“The History of English Podcast” with Kevin Stroud

Language lovers, you just found your next podcast! In “The History of English Podcast,” Kevin Stroud explores the history of how English language emerged. Prepare to learn about the centuries-old language in more detail than you ever thought humanly possible. 

“This podcast has been an amazing 18-month adventure for me and it completely blew my mind and helped me understand so much deeper the history, the development and the origin of English and its Indo-European relatives. I have to warn you – the guy digs so deep I haven’t learned that much about language in many university courses. Highly recommended!”

– Pavel Riazanov, Senior Localization Manager at HiBob

Listen to the “History of English Podcast”

Also recommended by Pavel:

“ReThinking” with Adam Grant and “Content+AI” with Larry Swanson

María José Salmerón Ibáñez, CEO and Co-Founder of AI localization company, Glossia, shared not one, but two of her top podcast recommendations for localization and growth teams! 

In the “ReThinking” podcast, organizational psychologist Adam Grant hosts influential figures to discuss a variety of current topics and themes, drawing important insights we can all learn from and apply in both our personal and professional lives.

For those of us looking to better understand AI and its relationship with content, don’t miss the “Content+AI” podcast series. Host Larry Swanson speaks to successful professionals from companies like IKEA, Microsoft, and Booking.com about how they utilize AI tools for improving content practices, important knowledge to have under your belt today. 

“‘ReThinking’ from Adam Grant focuses on very diverse psychological topics and deep dives that can help people in the localization industry go through these big industry changes that we’re all living with AI. ‘Content + AI’ addresses the intersection of content and AI from different specialities around content. Even though this one isn’t a pure 100% localization podcast I believe it’s enriching listening how other colleagues in the content world are using AI in their everyday lives.”

– María José Salmerón Ibáñez, CEO and Co-Founder at Glossia

Listen to the “ReThinking” podcast
Listen to the “Content+AI” podcast

“Lenny’s Podcast” with Lenny Rachitsky

In “Lenny’s Podcast,” host Lenny Rachitsky, former Product Lead at Airbnb, speaks to product and growth experts to give listeners practical tips for building, launching, and growing a product. This is a great option for product localization managers or business leaders that are interested in product, career, and growth advice.

“As a loc team leader embedded under a product org, this podcast has helped me learn more about product management and how to implement certain practices into the loc operations.”

– Diana Georgieva, Content Localization Leader at Pleo

Listen to “Lenny’s Podcast”

“Inside Insights” with Ryan Barry and Patricia Montesdeoca

Recommended by Nataly Kelly, CMO at Zappi, the “Inside Insights” podcast is a wonderful choice for marketing leaders, localization managers, and product pros alike. This podcast, hosted by Zappi CEO Ryan Barry and BGM Consulting founder Patricia Montesdeoca, explores the world of consumer insights and how to understand the minds of consumers. Listen along as Ryan and Patricia speak to global brand leaders from companies like PepisCo, Burt’s Bees, and McDonald’s. 

Listen to the “Inside Insights” podcast

“Lingthusiasm” with Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne

“Lingthusiasm” offers a delightful journey through the world of language, unveiling its quirks and complexities with humor and insight. Hosted by linguists Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne, the podcast explores language-related topics in an engaging and accessible manner, making it both informative and fun! This podcast is ideal for language enthusiasts, localization professionals, and anyone curious about the wonders of linguistics.

“I’ve been more interested in the linguistic aspect of localization lately, so I’ve been listening to the Lingthusiasm podcast. I also finished her book recently which was excellent, called Because Internet by Gretchen McCulloch.”

– Mercedes Krimme, Product Localization Manager

Listen to the “Lingthusiasm” podcast 

“How I Built This” with Guy Raz

Every business has a story. Take a look behind the scenes at the origin stories of the world’s most iconic brands with the “How I Built This” podcast. Host Guy Raz speaks to entrepreneurs about their stories and how they transformed their ideas into successful companies we all know today. Always inspiring and insightful, this podcast is a great option for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and growth teams.

“We all know successful companies that amaze and inspire us with what they’ve built, but we never actually know how they got there. When you’re deep in the trenches of running a startup and you can’t see the light, it’s really inspiring to see how other companies overcame challenges and made it to the other side. This podcast really shows you how, despite challenges, there is always a way to make it out and find that light; one small idea from one team member can lead to ground-breaking solutions and people without any resources are still able to turn things around. 

It’s amazing how an idea that comes from a personal need can turn into a unicorn! Take Shopify, for example – that’s one of my favorite episodes. It really shows you why you need to be creative and go with your gut feeling; it’s worked for other entrepreneurs and it can work for you too.” 

-Yair Tal, CEO at BLEND

Listen to the “How I Built This” podcast

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