Cambridge Health Alliance Strengthens Community Ties Through BLEND Localization

Ingrid Gamez, Supervisor Multicultural Affair and Patient Services

About Cambridge Health Alliance

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) is a vibrant, innovative health system dedicated to providing equity and excellence for everyone, every time. With over 140,000 patients in Boston’s metro-north region, CHA is proud to offer the healthcare people need most in their lives. Key clinical services include primary care, behavioral health, emergency care, surgery and specialty care, hospital care, maternity, and state-of-the-art testing services. For more information, visit

A Thriving, Long-Term Language Partnership

CHA’s partnership with BLEND spans nearly 10 years and was first driven by the former
OneHourTranslation’s expansive language offering and easy, online ordering process, one of the earliest in the translation industry. Following thousands of projects, and millions upon millions of words translated, a new service benefit has emerged as essential to CHA’s current localization team and language strategy, one refined since the company’s rebrand as BLEND three years ago—direct access to their team of linguists and translators.

“The translators collaborate tremendously by allowing us to have an open dialogue on projects that need to be completed in a month’s time,” said Ingrid Gamez, Supervisor Multicultural Affair and Patient Services at CHA, on a recent campaign. “It was lengthy, and we needed desktop publishing assistance to maintain the original layout in English. We felt supported and listened to. The back and forth on last-minute changes was received well and we got replies if not on the same day, early morning the next day.”

Since the BLEND rebrand in 2021, CHA has averaged 1,700 projects per year.

Spotlight Project—Implementation Strategy Report

While CHA localizes content in dozens of language pairs, several key projects focus on their top three—Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Haitian Creole. One such recent project was their Implementation Strategy Report, a collaborative community effort to improve health and wellbeing. After identifying community needs and prioritizing action, CHA finalized a set of goals and activities to address the needs of these communities most effectively, including building equity principles and developing improved communication and information sharing.

Including the usual text localization but also the added creative element of desktop publishing support with design and infographic conversion, the teams worked hand in hand to ensure perfect language accuracy, continuity in visual presentation, and swift turnaround of the critical messaging.

The Last Word—Accuracy, Praise & Connectedness

Speaking to the results of the Implementation Strategy Report, Gamez had this to say: “The final product came as a beautiful equivalent of the original one with the cultural localization needed for the respective communities we serve at CHA. We were praised by the Population Health Department for the accuracy and quality shown on the three translations.”

“This work could not have been possible without the patience and hard work of the translation and tech support team at BLEND. We are proud to collaborate and work hard alongside our language partners to
bring the Health Information to our LEP patients.”

Always grateful and appreciative for all the dedication and improvements made to facilitate our demanding high volume of translations. BLEND is an amazing partner to work with and our collaboration will only get stronger from here on, we are sure of that.

Ingrid Gamez, Supervisor Multicultural Affair and Patient Services

About BLEND Localization Services for Healthcare

Combining professional linguists with subject matter expertise with AI translation innovations, numerous integrations with essential enterprise platforms and tools, and dedicated service teams, BLEND enables healthcare providers, clinics, and health systems to deliver accurate, timely localized messaging to patient and partners in 120 languages. From clinical content to community messaging, marketing, and training
materials, BLEND is trusted to make text, Web, eLearning, and multimedia content more accessible and impactful all over the world.

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