International YouTube Star Nuseir Yassin, Owner of Nas Daily, Grows Russian Language YouTube Channel 35% with BLEND

Isha Sahu, Localization Project Manager

About Nas Daily—Bringing People Together

Nas Daily is a social media channel from Arab-Israeli content creator and entrepreneur, Nuseir Yassin. “Nas” means people in Arabic, and by creating unique stories about people and places that bring people together, Nas Daily has accumulated 60 million followers across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in English.  

Content for YouTube’s Global Language Audience  

With a mission of connectedness and a globally appealing content strategy of people, projects, and ideas, Nas Daily already recognized the importance of localization, maintaining 12 unique language channels on Facebook with 21 million followers. These channels featured subtitled videos.   

In reviewing the growth of their channels, Nas Daily sought a test case market for an even more dimensional, multi-faceted style of localization—namely, dubbing the videos with voice actors, which would make Nas Daily content accessible across any mix of devices or viewer preferences. 

Nas Daily engaged BLEND to discuss the services required to expand one of the channel’s outsized international viewing markets. After a detailed analysis, Nas Daily zeroed in on Russian, with its 300 million speakers, as an ideal language market for a combined offering of script localization, subtitling, and voice dubbing.  

Subs or Dubs? Why Not Both?

When considering a video localization plan, it’s important to note that different cultures prefer different post-production treatments, which are informed by the countries’ television and movie theater precedents, and even oral storytelling traditions. But really, while large audiences can be generalized, everyone is different. Accordingly, the Nas Daily team made the best and most accommodating choice to have their Russian videos both narrated/overdubbed and subtitled. Beyond cultural reasons, there are also compelling user experience reasons to offer both—subtitles pique interest when scrolling an Instagram feed without sound, for example, while voice-over is convenient for people who combine their video viewing with commuting, exercising, and going about their busy lives.   

Watching one Nas Daily video is enough to understand Nuseir’s on-camera personality – energetic, passionate, and inviting. It was important that the right voice actors be identified to match Nuseir’s tone and style. BLEND found compatible personas for both and moved quickly to translate and record video pilots, which were well received.   

While BLEND offers all-in-one video services, including the ability to implement the audio files and subtitles directly, Nas Daily chose to handle those elements themselves, already having the sophisticated workflows required to build a content library of thousands of videos with several new video posts weekly across numerous primary and secondary channels. BLEND then focused its efforts on delivering ready-to-use, professionally edited voice recordings and accurate, natively local SRT files for easy subtitle implementation.  

Russian Launched & Growing—Where Next?  

 Months after launching a sister YouTube channels for Russian-speaking markets, Nas Daily has grown its audience, seamlessly maintained its content schedule, and spread its message to connect people around the globe. The Nas Daily and BLEND teams continue to discuss new languages for further expansion, while maintaining a partnership that allows new Russian videos to be published daily. BLEND currently completes voice recordings and subtitles for about 20 videos per month for Nas Daily, which the team has attributed to increasing views and followers by approximately 35%. Today, Nas Daily’s Russian YouTube channel has 1.1 million followers. 

“BLEND has been an outstanding and strategic partner to help us grow our Russian language channel and share our stories. We appreciate the attentive service, creativity in the recording studio, and ongoing ability to meet our needs as our language schedule and volume ramps up.”  

Isha Sahu, Localization Project Manager

About BLEND’s Voice, Video Localization & Post-Production Services

Offering a global network of expert translators and voice actors, and in-house video post-production capabilities, BLEND delivers all-in-one multimedia localization services to brands, content creators, and influencers. From transcription and script translation, to casting and recording in 120 languages, and hands-on subtitling and audio overdubbing, BLEND expands successful productions to new markets with high impact and natively-local credibility. Also providing AI voice development, BLEND can deliver custom, matching natural and synthetic voices for any type of video, app, or technology.   

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