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Why use our English to Thai
translation services?

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Local Thai translators

When dealing with translation, it’s important to ensure linguistic accuracy, as well as cultural knowledge, to ensure the translation truly sounds native. That’s why we work with local Thai translators who know the language fluently.

Quick translation time

BLEND has been providing fast, accurate translations for 13 years. Our English to Thai translators work around the clock to meet your translation deadlines.

Simple project management

Our self-service Wizard makes requesting a translation easy. Just upload your materials, provide a translation brief, get a quote, and get your Thai translation, fast.

Open communication

Our Thai translators are always available to discuss your project. Our platform makes it easy to chat with your translator throughout the time they are working on your English to Thai translation.

English to Thai Translation Rates

Whether you’re seeking simple English to Thai translation services, or require someone with specific expertise, we offer the best translation rates and flexible options to fit your needs.
from $0.087 / word
This plan includes translation by a professional native Thai translator. This option is recommended for personal translations or internal business use.
from $0.13 / word
This plan includes translation by a professional native Thai translator, as well as a quality review and proofreading by a second native Thai translator. We recommend this option for important texts meant for publication.
Professional Plus
from $0.10 / word
This plan includes translation by a professional native Thai translator with specific subject matter expertise. We recommend this option for texts requiring knowledge of a specific field in Thai.
from $0.14 / word
This plan includes translation by a professional native Thai translator with subject matter expertise. It also includes a quality review and proofreading by a second native Thai translator with the same expertise. We highly recommend this option for texts requiring knowledge in of a specific field in Thai that are meant for publication.

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Why should I invest in
Thai translation services?

Thai may be one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn and translate. The written language is a form of Khmer script, similar to that used in neighboring Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Like Chinese, it is also a tonal language, with different tones altering the meaning. The language was not influenced by English or any other conquering Western powers, and with 44 consonants and 18 vowels, Thai is a complex language to master for those who are not native speakers. This is why it is so important to have native Thai translators work on your Thai translation projects.

While Bangkok is one of the largest international business and commerce centers in Asia, meaning that many people there do speak English, it may be important to translate to Thai when doing business in the country if you really want to resonate with your audience or customers – especially if you need to interact with people outside the country’s capital. Let BLEND’s local English to Thai translators handle your translation projects and rest assured that you will get the most accurate results.



What can I translate?

Our Thai translators come from a variety of professional backgrounds and are experts in various subject matters. Here are just some of the types of translation projects they can complete:
Thai website translation
Thai product descriptions
Thai marketing materials and ads
Thai emails, letters, articles, certificates, and more

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How it works

Follow these 3 easy steps to start your next
translation project today.

Open a project with the BLEND Express Wizard.

Choose your Thai language pair, upload your materials, and provide a brief for your translation project.

The Wizard will quickly find the best Thai translator to fit your needs.


Get your English to Thai translation fast.

Track your project’s status and communicate directly with the translator at any time.

Thai Translation Services FAQ

I need an urgent Thai translation. How fast can you complete my project?

We aim to complete all translations in 1-2 business days. A more accurate time estimate based on your word count, language pair, and required expertise will be visible at checkout. If you need your project even faster, you can select the “Urgent Delivery” option at checkout or contact customer support to get your translation even faster.

I don’t speak Thai. How can I ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation?

All of our Thai translators have been certified to ensure they provide high-quality and accurate professional online translation services. If you’d like an extra layer of quality assurance, we suggest selecting a payment option that includes editing or proofreading by a second translator.

I need a Thai translator who is also an expert in a specific field/industry. Can I specify this when ordering my translation?

Of course! We have Thai translators who are experts in law, marketing, gaming, finance, and other areas who can work on your project. You can specifically request these experts when opening a translation project. 

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