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Reach your Hebrew-speaking audience with our professional, online English to Hebrew translation services.
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Why Use Our English to Hebrew Translation Services?


Native Hebrew translators

The professionalism of our local Israeli translators is a guarantee that you will receive native-sounding translation for whichever target country and region.
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Speedy Delivery

Deadlines are a priority for our top-notch Hebrew translators. They work tirelessly to complete your translation projects in record time.

Easy Project Management

Hebrew translation has never been as easy as our self-service Wizard. You can submit your materials, upload a translation brief, get a quote, and obtain your completed translation in just several quick steps.

Open Communication

Our translators are available for live chat 24/7, so you can ask them a question, offer your feedback, or give them additional instructions about your project anytime.

Hebrew Translation Rates

Whether you look for simple or more experienced English to Hebrew translation, BLEND’s team offers affordable solutions for everyone’s needs. The costs of our services mainly depend on the complexity of your project.
from $0.087 / word
English to Hebrew translation services are carried out by professional native Hebrew translators. Recommended for informal or internal business translations.
from $0.13 / word
English to Hebrew translation services involve one experienced native Hebrew translator and another responsible for the editing. This is an excellent choice for important texts meant to be published.
Professional Plus:
from $0.10 / word
Translation by native Hebrew translators that are specialized in the subject topic. Advisable for all professional texts in Hebrew that require expertise in the specific subject area.
from $0.14 / word
English to Hebrew Translation made by a native Hebrew translator experienced in the subject area and edited by a second translator with the same level of expertise. This is the best option for texts in Hebrew that require subject area expertise and are meant to be published.


Why Should I Invest in English to Hebrew Translation Services?

Hebrew is a language that juxtaposes antiquity and modernity. With an uninterrupted literary tradition of over 3,000 years, it is a primary example of the revival of a classical language as a modern one used in the everyday lives of a whole international community.

With Israel’s growing worldwide influence, knowledge of modern Hebrew and the secular Israeli culture can open the doors to a bright academic future. The expansion of Israel’s vital role in international markets has made this language increasingly important for businesses worldwide. In addition to that, Hebrew can be extremely useful in politics and related areas such as diplomacy, intelligence, and the military.

If you have an important document in English that requires translation to Hebrew – such as business content or journalistic articles intended to reach a Hebrew-speaking audience – it is essential to find a native translator familiar with all the cultural nuances needed in addressing Hebrew readers.

Naturally, Hebrew speakers – especially within Israeli borders – take their culture very seriously, so your project must entail a sense of acknowledgment and respect of some basic cultural norms. Therefore, your creative content (for example, in the area of marketing) targeted at the Hebrew audience should be clear of any offensive language, stereotypes, or unintentional insensitivity.

However, you have no reason to worry with the professional, native Hebrew translators in BLEND’s team. Having first-hand knowledge of the Jewish cultural nuances, they will adjust your project to any Hebrew-speaking audience or market.

What Can I Translate

Our acclaimed Hebrew translators have extended professional experience and expertise in a plethora of professional fields and industries. No matter what area your subject topic belongs to, you can get in touch with a relevant Hebrew translator that specializes in it. You can count on BLEND’s team of experts for several types of translation services, such as:
Hebrew website translation
Hebrew marketing content and ads
Hebrew product descriptions
Hebrew emails, certificates, letters, articles, and more

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How It Works

Using our Hebrew translation services is easy as one, two, three – just follow these steps:

Open a translation project with the BLEND Express Wizard

Choose a Hebrew language pair, submit the necessary resources, and add a project translation brief.

The Wizard will quickly find the best Hebrew translator to suit your needs.

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Receive your translation fast

You can follow the progress of your translation project in real-time and get in touch with your assigned translator at any moment. They are always ready to help you and meet whatever requirements you may have.

Hebrew Translation Services FAQ

I urgently require a Hebrew translation. How quickly do you think you'll be able to finish my project?

Our translators give their best to complete all submitted translations within 1-2 business days. You’ll be provided with a more specific time estimate at checkout, depending on your word count, language pair, and level of required expertise. In case your project needs to be completed before the time we have estimated, just choose the “Urgent Delivery” option during checkout or contact our support team. You can get in touch with BLEND’s customer support 24/7.

Which nations and markets speak Hebrew?

Today, a total of around 6 million people in the world speak Hebrew as their mother tongue. Hebrew is one of the official languages in Israel, spoken by 49% of the Israeli population. Apart from there, Hebrew is also spoken by many Jewish communities around the world. Therefore, the language is present in all countries with large Jewish communities, such as the USA, Canada, and France.

Knowledge of Hebrew is vital in several US departments and agencies, especially related to national security. For that reason, many institutions offer grants and scholarships to students pursuing Hebrew studies. The State of Israel also has a rich history, archaeological and religious sites as well as attractive beaches and cuisine, which makes this language influential in its tourism industry.

Regardless of the dialect you are supposed to work with, our Hebrew translators can help you with any task.

I don’t speak Hebrew. How can I be certain that the translation is of high quality?

BLEND’s Hebrew translators have repeatedly proven the high quality and accuracy the professional online translation services they offer in their work. By choosing a pricing option that involves editing from a second translator or proofreading, you get an additional level of quality assurance. So, in general, you can count on our professionals to complete your translation flawlessly and authentically which will impress your target audience.

I'm looking for a Hebrew translator who is also a specialist in a particular subject or industry. Is it possible for me to specify this when I place my translation order?

Yes, of course! Many of our Hebrew translators have specialized in different fields, such as marketing, finance, law, and more. When you submit your translation project on BLEND, you can immediately request relevant professionals to work on it. The translator you choose will guarantee that a high-quality translation will be delivered to you.

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