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Connect to your Bulgarian-speaking audience with our professional, online English to Bulgarian translation services.
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Why Use Our English to Bulgarian Translation Services


Local Bulgarian Translators

Together with local translators from Bulgaria and around Europe, we ensure that your translation will sound native to the country and location you specify.
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Fast Delivery

Our rapid English to Bulgarian translation services keeps your deadlines at the forefront while maintaining quality. Our English to Bulgarian translators works around the clock to ensure that you receive your translation projects in a timely manner.

Simple Project Management

Bulgarian translation is simple with our self-service Wizard. You can upload your materials, offer a translation brief, receive an estimate for your project, and receive your finished English to Bulgarian translation in just a few steps.

Open Communication

Whether you need to provide extra information on an open project, want to offer comments, or have a query, our platform allows you to speak with your translator at any moment. You can communicate with your Bulgarian translator at any time before or during the project to discuss anything related to it.

Bulgarian Translation Rates

We offer the finest English to Bulgarian translation costs and various alternatives to fit your needs, whether you require simple English to Bulgarian translation services or require someone with specific experience. We provide reasonable costs that are mostly adjusted based on the intricacy of your project.
from $0.087 / word
English to Bulgarian Translation made by a professional native Bulgarian translator. Suggested for personal or internal business translations.
from $0.13 / word
English to Bulgarian Translation by a native Bulgarian translator who specialises in the subject topic. Recommended for texts in Bulgarian that need subject area expertise.
Professional Plus:
from $0.10 / word
English to Bulgarian Translation by a native Bulgarian translator who specializes in the subject topic. Recommended for texts in Bulgarian that need subject area expertise.
from $0.14 / word
English to Bulgarian Translation by a native Bulgarian translator with experience in the subject topic. Editing by a second translator who has the same level of competence. Strongly recommended for texts that need subject area expertise in Bulgarian and are intended for publication.


Why Should I Invest in English to Bulgarian Translation Services

Despite Bulgaria being a small country, Bulgarian is a widely spoken language in the Balkans and throughout Europe. It is an official language in Bulgaria, and it is also spoken in Greece, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. There are 15 million Bulgarian speakers globally, and 8 million of them declare Bulgarian as their first language. Investing in Bulgarian translation to reach European and international audiences is certainly a wise decision.

If you decide to translate your material to Bulgarian – particularly business content or press articles aimed at a Bulgarian audience – it’s critical to hire a native translator familiar with the cultural complexities necessary for addressing the Bulgarian market. Because Bulgarians are generally pleasant and sarcastic, it is highly important in Bulgarian culture to avoid using insulting language, which is especially vital to remember when creating creative materials. Aside from that, Bulgaria is a country with a lot of expressions and terms that can’t be translated literally from English to Bulgarian. This is why we only work with native Bulgarian translators who are familiar with these nuances and know-how to best translate for a Bulgarian audience or any other Bulgarian-speaking market.

What Can I Translate

Our English to Bulgarian translators have a wide range of professional experience and are experts in a variety of fields. You can request a Bulgarian translator that specializes in the field you require. However, the BLEND’s team of experts may complete the following types of translation projects for you:

Bulgarian website translation
Bulgarian marketing content and ads
Bulgarian product descriptions
Bulgarian emails, certificates, letters, articles, and more

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How It Works

Using our Bulgarian translation services is easy as one, two, three – just follow these steps:

Open a translation project with the BLEND Express Wizard

Select a Bulgarian language pair, upload resources, and offer a project translation brief.

The Wizard will locate the finest Bulgarian translator for your needs in a few seconds.

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Receive your translation fast

You may keep track of the progress of your project and connect directly with the translator at any moment. They will be pleased to help you with any inquiries you may have.

Bulgarian Translation Services FAQ

I urgently require a Bulgarian translation. How quickly do you think you'll be able to finish my project?

We make every effort to finish all translations within 1-2 business days. You’ll see a more precise time estimate at checkout based on the number of words, language pair, and required competence. If you need your project sooner than the time we estimate, you can choose “Urgent Delivery” during checkout or contact customer service. Customer service is available 24/7 to address any questions you may have.

Which nations and markets speak Bulgarian?

The Bulgarian language is a native language in Bulgaria, with about 8 million people speaking it. Aside from that, areas of Greece, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine speak the language. The overall number of persons who speak Bulgarian is estimated to be around 15 million. No matter the dialect you choose, our Bulgarian translators will assist you in translating anything you require.

I don’t speak Bulgarian. How can I be certain that the translation is of high quality?

Our Bulgarian translators have all been accredited to ensure that the online translation service they give are of the highest quality and accuracy. We recommend selecting a pricing option that includes proofreading or editing by a second translator if you want an extra layer of quality assurance. Overall, you may be confident that your translation will be delivered without any flaws and that the project will sound authentic to the country and area you choose.

I'm looking for a Bulgarian translator who is also a specialist in a particular subject or industry. Is it possible for me to specify this when I place my translation order?

Yes, of course! We offer Bulgarian translators with expertise in various fields, including finance, marketing, gaming, law, and other fields, who can assist you with your project. When you start a translation project, you can directly request certain professionals. The professional you select will guarantee that you will obtain a high-quality translation in the specific field.

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