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Best Shopify Translation Apps

Are you a small business owner with big plans? The rise of eCommerce has made international expansion a realistic prospect for everyone, even for those operating from their home. However, global success hinges on being able to strike the right cord with a new market. If your target audience doesn’t speak English, this means you’re going to have to think seriously about localization. 

The good news is that there are a few Shopify translation app options that can help you localize and adapt your content for new markets without leaving Shopify. Designed to streamline and simplify the localization process, these apps can help you nail a new market and inch out the competition in no time. Not sure which app to use? We’ve picked out 10 of the best for you to consider. 

1. BLEND Store Translation

Are you eyeing up multiple territories, rather than just one market? BLEND is on hand to help. With support for more than 120 languages, just about every corner of the world is yours for the taking. With BLEND, it’s easy to optimize product descriptions and enhance your SEO efforts, helping attract more traffic to your Shopify store. What’s more, managing translations couldn’t be simpler, with the ability to publish approved translations without having to leave your website. 

While many localization apps rely solely on machine translations, BLEND takes a different approach. An expansive network of more than 25,000 linguists work alongside advanced machine translation engines. Perfect if you’re looking to scale your eCommerce business, but still value the human touch. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, navigating this app is easy. You can choose which store elements you want to localize, with all changes synchronized automatically. 


While BLEND’s store translation app is free to download, you’ll need to choose a subscription package in order to use the service. Prices start from $29 per month, although there are ways to make a saving. Pay for 6 months upfront and the monthly cost works out at just $25. Alternatively, pay for 12 months upfront and you’ll only be paying $21 per month. 

2. Shopify langify 

Keen to branch out and take your Shopify store into new territories? An app like langify is something to consider. With a beginner-friendly interface and a fairly shallow learning curve, you don’t need much experience to get started with this app. What’s more, you have the option of choosing between automatic and manual translations. Opt for automatic if you’re translating large reams of product copy, then put things in manual when tackling those awkward phrases that might not land as well in a new language. 

There are also some nifty SEO features here and, once again, you don’t need to be an expert user to leverage them to the full effect. The downside? The app doesn’t run as smoothly as others, which can prove frustrating if you’re importing large amounts of product data. What’s more, it’s fairly expensive considering the limited functionality of the app. 


You can subscribe to langify for $17.50 per month, although a 7-day free trial is available. For optional add-ons for things like automatic translation, prices start at $4.99 for every 10,000 words. 

3. Translation Lab 

If you’re looking for a Shopify translation app packed with premium features, Translation Lab is worth taking a look at. With machine translations enabled by Google NMT, you can tackle multiple languages with ease. You can translate into more than 130 languages in total, while more than 150 world currencies can be converted. 

While some AI translation tools fall short, this app is fairly consistent, delivering reliable results most of the time. You can also take advantage of cutting-edge tools like image translation, while there’s scope for third-party app integrations. While the app is free to download, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan to access the best features. However, there are some limits in place when it comes to image and AI language capabilities. 


The pricing structure for Translation Lab is pretty competitive, with a Basic plan costing just $9.99 per month. If you want to access advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade your account, with a premium subscription costing $29.99 per month.

4. Weglot 

If you find other language apps too confusing to make use of, Weglot might be the answer to your prayers. Designed with convenience and simplicity in mind, Weglot brings together all the core features you’re looking for into one compact package. Translation management is made simple, allowing you to automatically translate key things like your Shopify store checkout, email notifications, and more. 

This language translate tool also allows you to exploit multilingual SEO, meaning even a small business has a real shot at ranking well on Google. You can even build a multilingual glossary, which is incredibly handy if you’re targeting multiple markets at once. With an intuitive dashboard, even an absolute beginner will be able to make full use of this app, right off the bat. The downside? Even with a paid plan, you’re restricted to tight word counts and can only translate a total of five languages. 


Although you can use Weglot for free, you’ll find features very limited. As far as paid subscriptions go, a Basic plan will set you back $15 per month, rising to $79 a month if you opt for the highest tier. 

5. Transcy 

Transcy is another translation app with impressive multilingual capabilities. Ideal for Shopify store owners, Transcy lets you translate into more than 110 common languages and over 160 different currencies. Currency conversions are also carried out in real time, meaning there’s no danger of mispricing your stock. 

Alongside premium features like third-party integrations and image translation tools, Transcy can automatically translate new content added to your site. All you need to do is upload product information in one language and AI will take care of the rest. The main drawback of this app is that many features are locked behind a paywall. Even with a Basic plan, you’ll find yourself restricted to a handful of languages. 


While a free version of Transcy is available, you’ll get the most out of this Shopify translation app if you upgrade to a premium account. Basic plans cost as little as $11.90 per month, with the most expensive costing $59.90 per month. 

6. Tantum 

If you’re limited to a very tight budget, Tantum Translate is something to consider. One of the most budget-friendly solutions on this list, Tantum offers a surprising amount of features considering the paltry price tag. Machine-enabled translations provide you with a degree of automation, with support for more than 100 languages available. 

What’s more, you don’t need to arrive with an in-depth knowledge of coding to get started. This app is built for the beginner and coding novice, with an intuitive design meaning there’s no real learning curve. It’s also optimized for mobile, making it a smart choice if you want to be able to update your Shopify store on the go. 


Tantum is one of the most affordable Shopify translation apps around, with a Basic subscription costing just $3.99 per month.

7. Hextom 

Searching for a free translation app to localize your Shopify store for a new market? Hextom might be what you’re looking for. With support for over 130 languages and even more world currencies, it’s a decent tool for those with an eye on global expansion. 

Even with the free version of the app, you’ll be able to access fairly reliable AI translations. Manual translations are also supported, with hassle-free data importing and exporting. Ultimately, you’ll need to upgrade to unlock the full potential of Hextom, with a premium plan allowing you to access unlimited auto-translations. 


You can access Hextom for free, with a surprising amount of features available to non-paying users. However, if you want to unlock features like glossaries and image translation, you’ll need to upgrade. Basic plans cost $9.99 per month, rising to $49.99 per month. 

8. Multi Lingo 

Despite being a very affordable solution, Multi Lingo holds its own against more expensive Shopify store translation tools. This app allows you to convert your site content into a multitude of common languages, without the need for complex coding. Perfect if you’re just starting out and have no developer expertise. 

You can translate pretty much every aspect of your store, from product descriptions and email notifications to blog content and checkout information. Automatic translations are also supported, although you’ll need to cough up a small premium to access these. Support is also decent, with handy troubleshooting guides and prompt replies. 


Multi Lingoi is another inexpensive option for anyone looking for a Shopify translation app, with a Basic plan costing just $7.99 per month. 

9. Uplinkly 

If time is of the essence, you’ll need a streamlined translation app that can deliver the goods. If your focus is adapting your Shopify store for new markets, consider Uplinkly. This app lets you auto-translate your content into more than 100 languages. 

This app focuses on the customer experience, with responsive content designed for both mobile and desktop users. It also supports third-party integrations, making it perfect if you depend on a multitude of eCommerce tools and widgets. While a free trial version is available, you’ll soon have to upgrade to a Basic plan. However, this is fairly limited and you’ll need to go premium to access full customizations, unlimited languages, and theme integration features. 


You can access the basic version of Uplinkly for free, but features are limited. A Starter plan costs $9 per month, while a Professional plan costs $19 per month. For enterprise-level access, a business plan option costs $49 per month. 

10. Bablic Store Translation 

Bablic Store Translation should suit those with minimal tech and coding experience. Despite offering a reasonable slate of features, this inexpensive language translation app feels very intuitive, even upon first use. Changes to your Shopify store are made using a visual editor, rather than a coding window, which can dramatically speed up your workflows. 

You’ll also find a variety of translation services available through this app. If you’re looking to automate the process, you can lean on machine translations. You can also opt to make changes manually, while there’s also the option of human translations produced by expert writers. 


Bablic Store Translation doesn’t currently offer a free version, but pricing is very straightforward here. You’ll enjoy full app access for $19 per month, with optional add-ons should you request human-generated translations.

How BLEND can help you

Nowadays, you don’t need an expansive in-house team of professional linguists to localize your ecommerce content for new audiences. With the right Shopify translation tools, you can effortlessly convert content from one language into another. The best tools offer auto-translate functionality, with increasingly reliable results meaning you can rest assured you’re getting near-perfect translations, every time. 

While almost every translation app can save you time and effort, some are more consistent than others. Looking for a translation app that offers a full-featured free version? Sadly, the best apps keep their best features locked behind a paywall. 

However, apps like Transcy come close to offering a premium experience without you having to pay. That being said, you’ll ultimately have to upgrade to access cutting-edge features like geolocation detection, image translation, multilingual SEO, and more. 

If you’re looking for a Shopify translation app that combines machine-assisted translations with the expertise of human linguists, then BLEND is the ideal choice. With this app, you can access a variety of localization tools designed to help Shopify merchants tap into new markets. With more than 120 languages available and SEO support from local experts, you can be confident that your content is as competitive as it can be. Other handy features like in-app budget management and direct messaging make it one of the most user-friendly options on the market. 

Ready to see how BLEND can help you expand your business? Download the BLEND Shopify store translation app today. 

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