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Streamline your localization process with BLEND and SmartCat

The AI-driven translation environment that helps translate your content effortlessly and scale your business globally.

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In a world where enterprise success depends on expanding to global markets, it is essential for content to be translated and localized efficiently and accurately. The SmartCAT tool and BLEND make this process feel effortless. 

Why use BLEND and SmartCAT to streamline your localization?

Easy Communication

SmartCAT projects are opened from within your BLEND dashboard, providing the added benefit of easy communication with your translator throughout the project.

Visual Editor

Translate visual files like brochures, website banners, ads, and more. SmartCAT allows easy translation of text in any type of image to ensure the translation still fits and looks as nice as the original.

Translation Memory

Any words or phrases BLEND translates will be stored in the TMS to cut costs and save time in the future, ensuring you never have to spend time to money to repeat the same translation work twice.

It's easy to get started with SmartCAT

Localizing content for all your markets is a complex task. With SmartCAT, you can easily save all your commonly used words and phrases to the TM, plus upload a glossary, so BLEND's translators never have to spend more time than is necessary translating something twice. This saves us time, and cuts your costs significantly. Here's how to get set up:

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Login to or create a BLEND account.

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Open a project in the BLEND dashboard.


BLEND will send your project to SmartCAT for completion.

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Receive your translation in your BLEND dashboard. Your content will be stored in our translation memory to be reused in subsequent projects.