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Streamline your enterprise localization with BLEND and Crowdin

All your multilingual content, one easy location.

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With BLEND and Crowdin, your company now
has a seamless solution for bringing your teams
together for content localization. From product
updates to help documentation to emails, marketing, and more—refine your processes, establish your workflows, and collaborate like never before.

Why use BLEND and Crowdin to manage your multilingual content?

Scale Your Localization

Whether your team is 10 or 10,000, bring them together in a shared workspace. Manage multilingual content in one place within projects and groups.

Configure Your Permissions

Share companywide resources with comprehensive access control to specific projects, workflows, and localization resources. Give translators access to specific languages.

Sync Your Content

Connect your repo (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Repos), CMS, Help Center, and other content tools—40 integrations and 80+ supported file formats in all. Develop your own apps or explore our marketplace.

More auotomation and greater flexibility with Crowdin

Create your own workflows or use existing templates. Assign the same workflow to projects with similar content or create a separate workflow for each project. Workflows consist of configurable steps like source text review, vendor translations, internal proofreading, and pre-translation by translation memory. Configure steps by selecting a target language, translation team, and content type. Translate different language groups using separate Machine Translation engines, work with several translation vendors simultaneously, and create custom steps. Here's how to get started:

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Create an account with both BLEND and Crowdin and connect them.

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Open a project on Crowdin and in it, create a task.

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When creating the task, select ‘Translate by vendor’ under type and then select BLEND as the vendor.


Your translation project will automatically open in BLEND’s system and be assigned to a translator 

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The completed project will appear in your Crowdin dashboard.