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Valentine’s Day Playlist: Love Songs from Around the World

A bouquet of romance from BLEND

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked our international team for their favorite love songs from around the world. Put them all together, and you have one wonderfully diverse, romantic, and loveable playlist. Take a romantic trip around the world with BLEND’s Valentine’s Day mix of the greatest international love songs. We recommend listening on shuffle for the best experience:

Thank you to all the BLEND Team members that contributed to this playlist, and a special thanks to all of our talented translators that submitted songs including: Qenut, Safinaz, Elisa, Verlow, Tatiana, Karina, Vion, Meriem, Sandra, Marija, Zbigniew, Nathanael, Hugo, Isabelle, and Sofia.

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Corinne Sharabi

Corinne is the Social Media and Content Lead at BLEND. She is dedicated to keeping global business professionals up to date on all things localization, translation, language and culture.


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