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Real-time AI Voice Translations – Are They Good Enough?

At their recent Unpacked launch event, Samsung announced it’s new AI-powered Live Translation feature for its Galaxy S24 smartphones, allowing users to translate their phone call conversations in real time in up to 13 languages. The Live Translation feature also supports text message conversations.

So, how does it work? Users will select their language and the language of the caller or message recipient. When users make or receive a call, they can select “Call Assist” and “Live Translate” to use the new feature, allowing both parties to communicate in their native language. Essentially, Galaxy S24 users will have their own AI interpreter. These aren’t the only AI features released with the S24 line. Samsung is also releasing more AI image editing tools

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How Reliable is AI Voice Translation?

In short, the answer is that it depends. Different AI technologies can vary greatly in translation and voice quality. Can an AI voice sound robotic? Yes. Can an AI voice sound natural and human-like? Also yes! It all depends on the quality of technology used, and the same goes for the machine translation quality. Additionally, it depends on what you are using AI voice translation for. A casual chat can afford slight mistranslations, but a call with a healthcare professional cannot.

Comment from TikTok user iDannerz on @cnetdotcom’s TikTok post, shown above

The question is, how well does Samsung’s Live Translation work? Are the translations accurate? Can the voice express the right tone and emotion? How “instant” is the instant translation? Without having tried the features ourselves, we can’t say. In regards to tone and emotion, Samsung does allow users to select different tones, from casual to formal. Seeing as it’s a new feature, it should only improve with time. As the Live Translation features get more use in the future, Samsung will be able to fine-tune their AI engines and improve quality.

At the end of the day, relying on AI voice and translation for everyday conversations is probably fine. When it comes to more sensitive conversations about business, legal, or medical information, it’s best to use a professional translator or interpreter. Samsung’s new Live Translation feature is an amazing innovation in AI, translation, and global communication. This will no doubt lead to even more advanced and exciting launches for better and more accessible communication worldwide.

Quality AI Voice and Translation Services

As we shared, AI voice has its time and place. On one hand, AI voice can be delivered almost instantly and at a far more affordable rate than human voice, but it doesn’t typically express emotions and nuance as well as a human voice would. At BLEND, we offer the best-in-class AI voice and human voice-overs from our talented community of voice artists in 120+ languages.

Voice-user interfaces, like Samsung’s, have become integral to applications, from smart speakers to automated banking services. BLEND Voice collaborates with leading speech developers to craft custom-branded TTS (text-to-speech) personas like the original audio for Siri and Alexa, delivering clear audio in any language seamlessly integrated into your application. BLEND Voice ensures lifelike and natural voices for a successful user experience, whether you choose TTS, natural voice, or a strategic blend of both.

Our in-house team seamlessly handles script translation and localization, ensuring your message resonates effortlessly across global audiences. With an extensive roster of talent spanning various tones and styles, finding the perfect voice for your project is just the tip of the iceberg.

BLEND offers a suite of language services beyond voice-overs, including expert translations, localization, proofreading, and editing. Our team of skilled human linguists and our cutting-edge MT engines ensure linguistic excellence for every project. It’s not just about finding the right voice; it’s about our dedication to customer service, streamlined processes, application expertise, and a global reach that simplifies both small-scale and expansive global projects. Contact us to learn more!

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