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Best Localization Podcasts for Global Businesses

Localization Insights

With over 387.4 million global podcast listeners and counting in 2022, there’s no question that podcast popularity is growing each year. And for good reason! Podcasts are a hands-free and fun way to learn more about pretty much anything, from business and finances to relationship advice and murder mysteries. There’s a podcast for pretty much anything…and localization is no exception. Podcasts are a great resource for localization inspiration, business growth, and even language learning. Without further ado, here’s the podcasts every localization and growth manager needs to know: 

Top Language and Localization Podcasts

C-Suite Hotseat with Sarah Hickey and Joseph Kubovsky 

Produced by Multilingual Media and Nimdiz Insights, this podcast features conversations with executives from language services providers around the world. This is a great podcast if you’re looking for something short, yet informative.  

The Localization Podcast with Andrej Zito 

Host and localization pro, Andrej Zito, interviews other professionals in the localization industry for casual, yet informative discussions. This is a great podcast for localization managers to hear about other localization professionals’ experiences and advice.

The BLEND Podcast with Roni Levin 

Maybe we’re biased, but The BLEND Podcast is one to watch. Perfect for every localization professional and language enthusiast, this podcast explores the ways culture and language are interconnected with different international guests. 

BLEND Team Recommendation: Duolingo Spanish Podcast with Martina Castro

Recommended by Sam Woo, Video Editor at BLEND, the Duolingo Spanish Podcast is a great tool for English speakers learning Spanish. The podcast features true short stories told in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration.

Best Marketing and Business Growth Podcasts

The International Expansion Podcast with Ramsey Pryor

Hear from top professionals from the world’s biggest tech startups with host Ramsey Pryor – expert in taking Silicon Valley startups to international markets.

The Exit 5 B2B Marketing Podcast with Dave Gerhardt

A favorite for B2B marketers, this podcast gives real and actionable advice for ways to grow B2B companies with stellar marketing strategies.

BLEND Team Recommendation: Business Casual with Nora Ali from Morningbrew 

Recommended by Roni Levin, Community Marketing Lead at BLEND, the Business Casual podcast is a great all-rounder for everything related to business.

BLEND Team Recommendation: Creator Culture with Danny Desatnik 

Recommended by Alexandru Sanislav, Marketing Operations Manager at BLEND, Creator Culture is perfect for anyone looking for some creative content inspiration to drive their business’s growth. Learn from the Internet’s most talented creators with host Danny Desatnik.

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