2022 year in review
Localization Insights

2022 Year in Review: Top Localization Content of the Year

Localization Insights

As the localization industry continues to grow with new technology, trends, and applications, it’s important to stay in the loop. From the localization’s impacts on the gaming and entertainment industries to the innovations in AI, this content round-up explores a range of topics that are relevant and timely for anyone working in or interested in the field of localization.

Let’s dive into some of the most interesting and informative content from the past year:

Top Blogpost of 2022: How Stranger Things Subtitles Went Viral

Season 4 of Stranger Things put the internet into a frenzy with their ultra-descriptive subtitles – all thanks to Kathy Rokni, Netflix’s Director of Globalization. Read the full story

Top Localization Study of 2022: Localization’s Role in Global Gaming Market Success

In our 2022 study, we explored how the world’s top 50 gaming websites use localization to reach foreign markets around the globe. Get gaming localization insights

Top Podcast of 2022: Localization for the Asian Market

This year, we introduced the BLEND Localization Podcast – a podcast exploring all the ways that language and culture are interconnected in our world. Each episode features a different language or localization professional, from the original voice of “Siri” to the founder of the new writing system “Aravrit.” 

This episode, featuring our very own Head of APAC, Ann Chen, received the most listens in 2022. If you’re looking for valuable tips on localizing for Asian markets, then you don’t want to miss this one. Watch the podcast 

Top eBook of 2022: The Complete eCommerce Localization Guide

With so many localization resources out there, sometimes it’s hard to know which ones are worth checking out. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to taking your eCommerce business from local to global, then you don’t want to miss this one. Download “The Complete Guide for eCommerce Localization”

Top Localization Leader Interview of 2022

In 2022, our Localization Leaders series brought some important localization insights to light as we welcomed more of the industry’s brightest minds to our one-on-one interview series with localization experts from top companies around the world. 

Our most-read interview of the year? Our chat with Petra Petrušić, Translation Project Manager at LELO. LELO is a Stockholm-based luxury pleasure brand that leads the market in design, technology, reputation, and innovation. 

From a career in art preservation to managing all of the translation and localization efforts for LELO and its sister brands, Petra has had a fascinating career path and now faces the unique challenge of making pleasure look and sound classy in any language. Learn how she does it 

Top LinkedIn Post of 2022

Our bulletin for all things language, culture, technology, and of course, localization, the BLEND LinkedIn page is always sharing new industry-related content. Our community’s favorite post this year had to be the map of subtitle/dubbing preferences in Europe that we shared. Read the conversation on LinkedIn

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Top TikTok of 2022

Why not find a bit of humor in localization? Differences in language and culture across the globe are exactly what make localization (and life!) so interesting. In honor of the 2022 World Cup, we decided to poke some fun at the soccer vs. football debacle with Alex’s “Language Lessons” on TikTok. Watch on TikTok 

@blendlocalization ⚽ Soccer or football? 🤔 #WorldCup #Mondiale #soccer #football #localization #localization #language #fifa #futbol #arsenal #liverpool #american #european ♬ original sound – BLEND Localization

What’s coming in 2023?

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