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Our Story

Our Story

To thrive on a global level, one needs to become truly local. Hidden nuance, meaning, tradition, and subtext all differ from market to market and culture to culture. Enter BLEND.

We’re passionate about weaving global brands into local markets, enabling true multi-market inclusion, and empowering global growth. Our strength lies in the diversity of our team and the power of our technology. With a multitude of ethnicities and global locations, we’re dedicated to helping global companies thrive locally. And with a state-of-the-art localization tech stack to pair them with, our ability to scale far surpasses the traditional limits of human capability.

Our Legacy

Our Legacy

BLEND is our new brand and it reflects who we’ve become. But BLEND wasn’t born overnight. It began as One Hour Translation, founded out of Israel in 2008. With over 12 years of translation experience, a robust customer base, an innovative technology-based approach to localization, five offices worldwide, and a global team of multicultural talent – the shift to BLEND was a natural evolution for us.

Our Community

Our Community

We would be nothing without our global community of BLENDers. Made up of over 25,000 talented translators, editors, voice actors, and linguistic experts of all kinds from every corner of the globe, our community works hard every day of the year to deliver topquality localization for all your business needs. We work only with the top talent in every language and specialty, and each of our linguists is thoroughly vetted before they begin working with us. We consistently monitor our community’s performance to ensure the best results for our clients and serve as the middleman to pair you with the best-suited linguist for every project based on the required skill and expertise. 

Our Mission

BLEND reflects today’s varied international landscape and its transition toward global inclusion.

Our mission is to truly help our clients convey their brand and offerings in a fashion that best resonates
with each individual market. To do so, we remain true to our values:

We're dedicated

To our cause, to the quality of our work, and to ensuring client satisfaction. As a truly global company, we understand the challenges our clients face and seek innovative methods to overcome them together.

We're native

Native nuance generally lies undetected to the foreign eye, but is quite discernible to the local one. Our native BLEND of talent helps us empower multi-market companies to blend in, flawless paving the way for global growth.

We're empathic

From the Haitian earthquake of 2010, to the Japanese tsunami and COVID 19 - there isn't an international disaster we've missed out on as an opportunity to lend our services to the international community and offer a helping hand.

We're responsive

‘Ready-made’ solutions may provide an adequate fit for the average localization challenge, but for some, they don't. We've never let that stop us. We're deeply immersed in responding to clients' diverse business needs, providing tailor-made, out-of-the-box solutions.

We're technology-driven

Breaking down communication barriers is an age-old challenge, but the methodology of solving it is not. We're firm believers in harnessing the industry's latest technology to provide our clients with maximum accuracy, consistency, and scale while necessitating minimal involvement and cost.

We enable

We empower talented localization experts around the globe to grow their business, bringing local market expertise to top-tier brands. We serve as the vision, and vehicle, to bring about a world of multi-market inclusion, where local talent and global businesses can flourish.
We offer a native blend of
technology-based localization services and the perfect selection of talent.

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