BLEND Gives LELO Direct Translation Team Access with Seamless Drupal Integration

Petra Petrušić, Localization Program Manager, LELO

Carefully Navigating eCommerce Translation for Unique Markets

As a self-described sexual wellness brand, LELO advertises in markets with vastly differing attitudes about sex. Localizing ads and online materials must conform to what’s locally acceptable, while still being recognizable enough to drive sales. We spoke to LELO’s Localization Program Manager, Petra Petrušić, about the brand’s unique localization challenges and how BLEND helps her stay compelling with customers while adhering to market-specific guidelines.

About LELO

LELO is solving intimacy problems. We serve as a bridge — we want to connect people to intimacy because we see sex and intimacy as the highest form of self-love and self-discovery.

Working with Translators Effectively

When I was picking a team, I really knew what I was looking for. I needed a special kind of profile because most of our business is online. I wanted translators familiar with digital content, SEO, and OK with fast turnover.

Collaborating with BLEND for eCommerce Localization

I am so satisfied with BLEND services. I needed a company that could connect with Drupal, which it’s quite complicated, and had a set of my own requirements, and BLEND fulfilled them all.


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