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BLEND Amplifies TalkingPoints’ Mission in Creating Greater Understanding Between Schools and Families in Their Native Language

Ary Candir, Translation Program Coordinator, TalkingPoints

About TalkingPoints –
Reaching Students’ Families in Their Home Language

TalkingPoints is an education technology nonprofit with a mission to drive student success by unlocking the potential of families to fuel their children’s learning, especially in under-resourced communities. With a multilingual technology platform that connects and empowers families and teachers by using human and AI-powered, two-way translated communication and personalized content, TalkingPoints eliminates barriers including language, time, mindsets, and capacity to foster strong family engagement in the development of students’ academic success. To learn more, visit

Family Education Accessibility –
Staying Connected with a Student’s Educational Experience

Beyond the classroom experience, we take for granted how schools interact with students and families. Consider the essential communications schools send to parents and guardians – report cards, closures, scheduling, field trips, and extracurricular activities. These are the touch points that make families feel like they are part of their children’s educational journey. But even more pressing than that feeling of connectedness is the urgency of those communications that often require a mandatory response.

With the perfect mission, understanding of the challenges, and platform to bridge multilingual communications, TalkingPoints needed a strong localization partner to help make its ongoing language efforts seamless for schools and families. Offering over 120 languages, BLEND was uniquely suited to handle the needs of TalkingPoints’ users – schools serving diverse, multilingual communities throughout America.

Responsiveness, Depth & Breadth of Localization Services

With the right combination of language expertise, developer-friendly APIs, and hands-on project management, BLEND provided a streamlined localization process for TalkingPoints, enabling fast translation output for both widespread and uncommon international languages spanning every continent of origin. Translation memory created an excellent baseline glossary of school terminology, easily applied to subsequent messaging after initial translation. The BLEND platform was sufficient to provide translations for most correspondence, and project managers were available to quickly advise on any sticking points, sensitive communications or manage projects outside the platform. Powering communications between so many American K-12 schools, TalkingPoints’ translation volume is high – thousands of short messages per month. BLEND was able to meet delivery expectations as well, with most projects started in just over an hour from first contact.

The Results: Inclusive Conversations, Informed Families

With translations provided in 80 languages, BLEND helped TalkingPoints fulfill its mission for numerous K-12 schools throughout the US, driving student success by better involving families to fuel their children’s learning.

For many families in newcomer communities throughout the United States, language barriers prevent them from taking an active role in their children’s education. BLEND plays an essential role in helping our school and parent users leverage our platform to ensure greater understanding and participation in their students’ school experience.

Ary Candir, Translation Program Coordinator, TalkingPoints

About eLearning and Content Localization Solutions from BLEND

BLEND is a leading, AI-powered localization platform that enables global brands to establish a native presence in fundamentally different markets, worldwide. Offering single-source eLearning localization,
BLEND helps organizations better develop diverse multimarket, multilingual teams and students with locally-authentic modules, videos, and Web content—increasing engagement, retention, and completion. With 25,000+ linguists in 120 languages, BLEND boasts extensive LMS and CMS experience, partnering with learning providers and multinational companies to improve talent development across all corporate functions and academic subjects. Through its eLearning narration service, BLEND Voice, BLEND delivers more than 1,000 contracted voice actors to create brand-consistent, higher-quality training materials for any language market. Visit for comprehensive eLearning solutions or to browse voice actors.

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