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Localization Leaders

Key Insights from Localization Leaders: 2022 Round-Up

Localization Leaders

Our Localization Leaders have continued to bring important localization insights to light in 2022 as we welcomed more of the industry’s brightest minds to our one-on-one interview series. To make it easier to remember all the great wisdom shared, we summarized our favorite tips and advice from localization industry leaders that every global brand can appreciate. Whether you’re just starting to think about localization or you’re an experienced pro looking for new ways to improve your localization strategy, we hope you’ll enjoy our 2022 round-up!

Let’s take a look at this year’s top insights from localization leaders:

Helle Gabler, Head of Product Localization at Wix   

Words of wisdom: 

At Wix, we always encourage everyone to speak directly with our users. By being close to the users, our writers learn how users are using Wix, what their main pain points are, and what they really appreciate about Wix. While the products are created in English, we really encourage our team to not just translate, but to tailor their translated content for a local experience and get creative. This is why it is crucial they know who they are writing for. 

Helle Gabler

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Petra Petrušić, Translation Project Manager at LELO  

Words of wisdom: 

The most challenging part is trying to shift the model of how we do localization from being at the end of the product creation, to making localization an integral part of the product cycle. Localization is a cross-functional growth asset, not just a support or cost center. 

Petra Petrušić

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Valeria Balitsky, Head of Localization at Fiverr  

Words of wisdom: 

The unique thing about localization is that it takes time. Management isn’t always so patient with things that take time. Working with analysts helps with foreseeing the ROI of entering a new locale, including team, translations, marketing campaigns, and development costs. Consider the savings that will come from improving the code and recycling content in this very ROI. 

Valeria Balitsky

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Pavel Riazanov, Localization Project Manager at HiBob 

Words of wisdom: 

[One] very important piece of advice is to take localization into account when you plan everything. Because if you plan to succeed, you will most probably expand outside of the boundaries that you’re looking at and you must be ready for that.   

Pavel Riazanov

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