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7 Must-Attend Translation & Localization Industry Events in 2023

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The conference and event sector was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, many conferences in the translation and localization sector adapted, embracing an online-only model. While these virtual events made it possible for professional linguists and localization experts to network and engage, virtual conferences are no match for offline events

Although online-only formats have made conferences more accessible, many professionals prefer to mingle with peers and prospective employers in the flesh. Thankfully, the translation and localization events industry enjoyed a return to normalcy in 2022. Furthermore, more conferences than ever will be returning to offline formats in 2023. 

Below, we’ll explore some of the key reasons why you should be considering attending translation conferences, along with a roundup of some of the biggest events in the translation and localization sector worth adding to your diary. 

The benefits of attending localization conferences and translation events

Whether you’re a business owner with one eye on international expansion or a localization manager looking to target new markets, localization and translation conferences are worth attending. Those working in the industry can secure new networking opportunities, while multinational brands can ensure they’re remaining as relevant and competitive as ever. 

Invaluable insights and advice from industry-leading experts

Some translation conferences are free to attend, especially ones held online. However, it’s certainly worth considering shelling out a small premium and attending an event in person. 

Why? The best events bring together industry-leading professionals that can provide you with unrivaled insights and suggestions. You can learn new ways of working and discover new translation technology and tools to overhaul your workflows. 

Sharpening your expertise within your particular field can also provide you with the push you need to take your career to the next level. It’s also worth testing uncharted waters, so don’t dismiss events just because they’re not a perfect fit with your existing vocation.

Don’t think an event that’s heavy on digital marketing focus applies to you? Think again. You might just learn useful tips on how to finesse your marketing efforts to bolster your customer base. Furthermore, there’s always a chance you’ll stumble upon new career avenues you might not have considered before. 

Unbeatable networking opportunities

For anyone working in the translation and localization industry, these events are great networking opportunities. You can connect with existing clients and former colleagues, as well as ignite new relationships. 

Online networking is of course useful, but if you work in a saturated field, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd with a LinkedIn profile or digital portfolio. The human touch goes a long way when procuring new work and nurturing new and existing business relationships. 

Offline localization and translation conferences also allow businesses in need of translation services to connect with new talent. For businesses looking for something specific, such as a QA manager to oversee automated machine translation processes, offline conferences offer a rich pool of potential candidates. 

Discover more about industry trends and new resources

It’s easy for professionals working within the language industry to get stuck in a routine when it comes to the tools and resources they use. Just because something is working well for you, doesn’t mean there aren’t better tools out there that you could be using. 

When you’re rubbing shoulders with other translators and expert linguists, you can get insights into new tools that can help you work smarter and faster. You can learn about exciting new project management tools, solutions for streamlining workflows, and other ways of boosting your business prowess. 

Find a new career path

Many of us end up doing the same thing for far too long. However, the translation and localization sector is constantly evolving. Just because you’re bringing in a steady slew of assignments, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better career match for you elsewhere. 

At an annual conference, you can learn about divergent fields that might be of more interest to you and a better fit for your skills. You may already have a vague awareness of some potential career opportunities, while others may be brand new to you. 

Online and offline events will introduce you to new prospects and industries in the process of globalization. If you’re looking to advance your career with a rewarding new role, there’s no better place to get inspired. 

Upcoming localization and translation events for your calendar

Searching for events in the translation sector and localization industry? We’ve picked out 7 of the best conferences you should consider attending in 2023. 

1. ELIA Conference 2023

When: 23-24 February 2023

Where: Rome, Italy 

The European Language Industry Association (ELIA) is a leading trade association for the language services industry in Europe. Currently, the ELIA is based in Belgium, although it has members located in more than 30 countries internationally. 

The ELIA has a keen focus on digital content and how it can be leveraged to improve business operations. The ELIA Together conference in Rome provides its members with an invaluable networking opportunity, while also encouraging the exchange of ideas and suggestions for new ways of working. What’s more, the ELIA offers an array of training opportunities and educational programs. 

2. 5th International Conference on Natural Language Processing

When: 23-26 March 2023

Where: Guangzhou, China

The 5th annual International Conference on Natural Language Processing is coming up in 2023. It’s a world-leading forum for the field of natural processing (NLP) and has quickly emerged as a premier event in the translation and linguistic calendar. 

Just about every aspect of NLP is covered here, with target topics including machine translation, data extraction, text mining, computational semantics, and much more highlighted. 

3. LocWorld49

When: 6-9 June 2023

Where: Malmö, Sweden 

LocWorld is a world-renowned conferencing event that’s a must for anyone working in the translation and localization industry. LocWorld has developed a reputation for things like international business and website management, with a keen focus on localization and translation. 

LocWorld49 kicks off with a Global Toolbox event where attendees are able to engage in round tables and workshops. The main conference runs across two days and features a packed schedule of keynote presentations from industry-leading speakers, themed tracks, and more. We’ll see you there!

4. International Conference on Languages, Literature and Translation Studies

When: 27-28 April 2023

Where: University of Mons, Belgium

In 2023, the University of Mons in Belgium will play host to the International Conference on Languages, Literature, and Translation Studies. This highly anticipated event will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretations. 

Keynote speakers include Anthony Pym from the University of Melbourne and Christine Lombez from Nantes University. Make sure you’re adding this one to your diary if you’re looking for exciting new insights in the field of linguistics, translation, and languages in general. 

5. GALA 2023

When: 12-15 March 2023

Where: Dublin, Ireland

GALA is one of the most anticipated events in the translation and localization calendar. This year, conference tracks are looking ahead to see what lies in store for the globalization and localization industry. One of this year’s key topics focuses on the role of the remote interpreter. 

What sets GALA apart from other industry events? Sessions are short, meaning attendees can pack plenty into their schedule. Furthermore, interaction is encouraged. Along with the usual committee meetings and workshops, first-time attendees are free to network at mixer events catered to newbies. 

6. AILA Conference 2023

When: 17-21 July 2023

Where: Lyon, France and online

The International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) has been going strong since 1956. Today, the organization has more than 7,000 members scattered across the globe and comes together every two years. 

The 2023 conference will feature studies and papers from industry-leading linguists and practitioners working in multiple languages. If you’re looking for best practice insights on multilingualism, translation studies, and applied linguistics, here’s where to find them. 

7. American Translators Association (ATA) 64th Annual Conference

When: 25-28 October 2023

Where: Miami, Florida, United States

The American Translators Association (ATA) is currently the biggest professional organization of its kind. Currently, the organization is made up of more than 6,000 members working across the globe, with linguists working in more than 160 different languages. 

This is one of the most popular annual translation conferences around. If you’re looking to share new ideas, discuss technological innovations, or simply network, there’s no better place to be. 

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