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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Global Growth Teams

The holiday season is here, and if you’re looking for the perfect last-minute gift ideas for globalization, international marketing, localization, or growth teams, we’ve got just the gift guide for you. This year, gift your team the tools and experiences to support their personal and professional development and your company’s growth.

From books to courses, resources, and subscriptions, we’ve compiled the top gifts your growth teams will love and learn from.


Take Your Company Global: The New Rules of International Expansion by Nataly Kelly

This new release is the perfect gift for any global growth professional. From Nataly Kelly, the Chief Growth Office of Rebrandly, the former VP of International Operations and Strategy at HubSpot, and the author of the Born to Be Global blog, comes a must-read for every modern business. In Kelly’s latest book, she shares her data-driven model for how companies can successfully expand their international presence based on her experiences as a consultant and at HubSpot. 

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Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets by Anna Schlegel 

Anna N. Schlegel, the co-founder of Women in Localization and the Kenyan non-profit “Imagine Educating Everyone,” shares her years of globalization expertise in this comprehensive guide to bringing your business and brand to global markets. This is a great introduction to understanding how large enterprises successfully establish themselves in new markets worldwide.

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‘Exit Five’ Membership

Marketing to other businesses internationally? Gift your teammates a membership to Exit Five, the world’s #1 B2B marketing community from Dave Gerhardt, author of Founder Brand and former CMO at Privy and Chief Brand Officer at Drift, both B2B SaaS companies. This is a great gift for marketers who want to expand their network, learn from peers, and get exclusive insights on building high-growth companies from Gerhardt himself. 

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Growthnotes Newsletter by inBeat

This next gift is a freebie, but still worth mentioning as a great resource to share with your team! The Growthnotes newsletter is an invaluable resource for growth managers seeking to sharpen their marketing knowledge with reliable, relevant, and actionable tips from influencer database company, inBeat. 

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Language Learning

Cultural sensitivity is a key skill to hone for any professional who is growing a company’s global presence. Along with travel, foreign film, and foreign literature, learning a new language is a great way to expose yourself to other cultures and sharpen your cultural sensitivity. Learning a new language can make your employees better localization, internationalization, and globalization managers. There are many language learning resources available today, from online learning providers like Italki, Babbel, and Duolingo, to night classes and courses from local universities. 

2024 International Holiday Calendar

Keep key international dates and holidays top of mind with BLEND’s free 2024 International Holiday Calendar resource. To spruce up your team’s holiday gifts, download the free PDF of our calendar and print it as a booklet for your team to use year-round. 

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Looking for more resources for a successful holiday sales season?

The holiday season presents a golden opportunity for brands to elevate their global sales by leveraging the right tools, resources, and localized campaigns. As consumers worldwide embrace the festive spirit, brands can strategically tap into the season’s heightened purchasing activity. 

Investing in localization, culturally sensitive marketing campaigns, and language-specific strategies can bridge the gap between diverse audiences, fostering a deeper connection and resonating with the unique traditions and preferences of each market. With the right approach, businesses can transform the holiday season into a powerful catalyst for expanding their global footprint and creating lasting brand loyalty across borders.

Learn more about leveraging localization for your international holiday campaigns on our blog, and even get access to free translated holiday ads in 6 major languages! If you need help launching localized campaigns for multiple markets this year, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for professional localization and translation solutions for text, video, and voice. 

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Corinne is the Social Media and Content Lead at BLEND. She is dedicated to keeping global business professionals up to date on all things localization, translation, language and culture.


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