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10 Best AI Tools to Use for Content Creation in 2024

There’s been a lot of talk about the rise of artificial intelligence over the past couple of years. One area where AI has come into its own is the field of content creation. For digital marketers and content creators looking to work smart, they’re a useful tool for streamlining workflows and generating ideas. For businesses, they can prove incredibly cost-effective, offering scalable content solutions for multi-channel marketing. 

More than 75% of marketers admit to using AI tools to some degree. What’s more, around 19% of businesses use AI tools to generate content. Even if you’re yet to be convinced about the effectiveness of AI-generated content, you’ll need to think seriously about adopting them if you want to remain competitive. 

To reap the full benefits of AI, you need to be using the right tools. Below, we’ll explore the advantages of this exciting technology and how to utilize it effectively. We’ve also picked out 10 of the best AI content creation tools currently on the market. 

The benefits of AI content creation tools

Are you an AI skeptic? Below are just some of the reasons why you should be considering making AI tools a staple of your content planning and creation. 


Looking to get content online more quickly? According to one survey, a typical 500-word blog post takes around 4 hours to complete. This doesn’t even take into account compiling a briefing, proofreading the first draft, and waiting on any revision requests to be completed. With a content creation tool, you can streamline the process considerably. 

Increased efficiency and productivity

Whether you outsource writing assignments or handle content creation in-house, an AI content generator can boost productivity. These powerful tools make quick work of blog ideation, while social media posts and compelling CTAs can be produced in seconds. 

Cost savings

Looking to slash costs? Outsourcing content to freelancers is relatively inexpensive. However, expect to pay upwards of $175 for a 1,500-word article. You can use AI writing assistant tools to control your outgoings. These tools can help refine the ideation and briefing process. Alternatively, you can leverage the potential of artificial intelligence to make content creation alleviate pressures on internal teams. 


If you want to create and distribute content at scale, you’ll need to invest a significant amount of time and money. Alternatively, use AI tools to automate processes for a more streamlined approach to content creation. 

Improved SEO performance

Long gone are the days when you had to rely on external support for SEO services. With the right AI tools at your disposal, you can carry out exhaustive keyword research and access optimization insights in seconds. Look for keyword trends, generate fresh and competitive content ideas, and play around with on-page elements to ensure your content is as optimized as it can be.  

Enhanced content quality

Although current AI content creation tools require the human touch to produce high-quality output, they’re getting much more efficient at their job. One of the main ways AI tools help with quality is by delivering consistent results. While tone of voice and context often needs a little finessing, the time saved on generating content from scratch can be put to better use during the editing stage.

10 Best AI content creation tools 

Looking to leverage the power of AI-generated content for yourself? Below, we explore 10 of the best AI tools you can put to good use today. 

1. Jasper.ai: best for AI blog post writing

Key Features

If you’re looking to make quick work of blog posts, Jasper AI is worth checking out. Designed for personal users and businesses alike, this AI content writing tool comes with 50 templates to choose from. You can use it to create product descriptions for ecommerce platforms or generate the perfect posts for your social media channels. Adding briefing requirements is relatively straightforward, while you can play around with things like tone to ensure content is on brand. 


For individual content creators, pricing starts from as little as $39 per month. Marketing teams can unlock additional features by signing up for an advanced package, with pricing set at $39 per month. 


  • Huge range of content templates
  • Integration with third-party tools like Grammarly
  • Perfect for content ideation


  • Enterprise pricing can vary considerably
  • Not the best solution if you’re looking to scale
  • Unlocking the potential of third-party integrations will cost you

2. Copy.ai: best for AI social media copywriting

Key Features

If you’re a content marketer looking for an effective AI writing tool, Copy.ai  is worth considering. While this tool can create all types of text, it’s best utilized for generating captivating social media content. An advanced drafting wizard gives you more control over the finished product, while handy knowledge-sharing tools make it a good pick for social media marketers looking to connect with other users. 


Anyone can use this AI tool for free, although the free plan is limited to 10 credits per month. Upgrading to a small business account will set you back $49 per month, while custom pricing is available for larger teams. 


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Streamlined content creation tool
  • Good choice for those looking for a free-to-use AI tool


  • Not the best choice if you’re looking to produce long-form content
  • You’ll need to upgrade to a custom account to unlock unlimited credits

3. Surfer SEO: best for AI SEO writing

Key Features

If you’re looking for a tool to optimize content and improve search performance, Surfer SEO is the obvious choice. This multi-featured AI tool comes loaded with useful features, including a keyword analyzer tool and a user-friendly content editor. You’ll get suggestions for headers, a comprehensive breakdown of competitive keywords, plus primers on how to finesse your content so it outperforms your main SEO challengers. 


Surfer SEO is pretty competitive when it comes to pricing. A basic account costs $19 per month, while the most advanced version will set you back $249 per month.


  • Excellent content editing interface
  • Flexible customization options
  • Third-party integration with Google Docs, WordPress, and more


  • Keyword suggestions aren’t always reliable
  • The SERP Analyzer tool isn’t the easiest to use

4. Canva: best for AI image generation 

Key Features

With Canva, you don’t need any advanced coding knowledge to create high-quality graphics. What’s more, powerful image generation capabilities mean you produce premium visuals with just a few basic prompts. You can play around with aspect ratios, as well as apply after-effects so your generated imagery is ready for its destination. 


You can start using Canva for free, although functionality is limited. Canva Pro is available for $12.99 per month, while team access can be enjoyed for $14.99 per month.


  • Very reasonable pricing tiers
  • Multiple images are delivered for every prompt
  • You can make adjustments to generated images


  • Relevance and quality of AI-generated images varies
  • Copyright claims vary depending on the country you’re based in

5. InVideo: best for AI video content creation

Key Features

InVideo is a powerful video editing tool that can be used by everyone from YouTubers to brands looking to create content for online channels. Although many of the tools are pretty advanced, getting to grips with InVideo is straightforward. You don’t even need much in the way of content collateral to get started. There are more than a thousand readymade templates to choose from, and you’ll also get access to online libraries like Shutterstock and Storyblocks. 


You can use InVideo for free, but any generated content will come with a watermark. For full access, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan costing $30 per month. However, you can save 50% by shelling out for an annual subscription. 


  • Access to a huge image and video library
  • User-friendly interface
  • Readymade templates make quick work of AI video generation


  • Projects are locked into the template you pick
  • Not a good choice for low-bandwidth connections
  • Rendering and exporting videos takes a while

6. Synthesia: best for AI avatar video creation

Key Features

With Synthesia, you can create AI-generated videos in moments. It’s mainly used by the e-learning sector, with a focus on creating realistic avatars. However, it’s also a useful tool for marketing and sales purposes. You can even localize audio content, with support for more than 120 languages. Collaboration tools make this a particularly useful tool for creative teams. 


Individuals can enjoy Synthesia for $30 per month. However, enterprise users looking for team access will need to make a custom pricing request. 


  • Surprisingly good video quality
  • Plenty of personalization options to create custom content
  • Ideal for creating short-form video content like promos


  • You don’t have access to many features with the Personal plan
  • Doesn’t hold a torch to professionally produced video content
  • Poor API access limits the potential of this tool

7. Murf: best for AI text to voice generation

Key Features

Need help creating human-sounding voice overs for your video content? Murf is a solid tool to consider. Simply enter a script, select your voice, and you’re good to go. You can even go one further by placing emphasis on certain words and adding pauses for dramatic effect. Videos, images, and music tracks can also be introduced. 


Murf is free to use for individuals and team users. You can upgrade to a basic version of the tool for $19 per month, while a Pro account costs $26 per month. For enterprise access to all features, you’ll need to pay $59 per month.


  • Plenty of voices to choose from
  • Allows users to adjust tone, pitch, and speaking speed
  • Many filters and after-effects for enhanced edits


  • Voice filters aren’t the best
  • Very little customization potential
  • A relatively expensive AI tool

8. Descript: best for AI audio and video editing

Key Features

If you find audio and video editing a challenge, Descript’s AI tools are worth investigating. Perfect for podcasters or anyone producing content for social media channels, this tool lets you integrate common edits to your video and audio files with ease. You can remove silence, add crossfades, create digital voice profiles, and much more. 


You can start using Descript for free. Paid plans start from as little as $12 per month. The more users you add to an account and the more hours you use, the more you’ll pay.


  • Handy overdubbing tool saves you the hassle of having to re-record
  • Enhanced transcription feature is a real standout
  • User-friendly editing tools make this a beginner-friendly choice


  • The timeline feature is pretty limited
  • Limited processing power
  • High learning curve is involved

9. HubSpot: best for AI-powered content strategy

Key Features

HubSpot offers a wealth of AI content creation tools. You can use it to create effective marketing emails, produce content for social media channels, or create CTAs. It’s also a practical choice for content ideation, while the paragraph generator tool is handy in a pinch. Perfect if you’re someone who suffers from writer’s block. 


The cost of HubSpot’s AI tools varies depending on the user. You’ll need to request custom pricing before putting these tools to use. 


  • Great for content ideation purposes
  • Good choice for digital marketers
  • Free trial is available


  • Only offers integration with other HubSpot tools and services
  • Lack of transparency when it comes to pricing

10. ChatGPT: best for AI content ideation and writing

Key Features

ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI tools around. You can use it to carry out entire conversations or put it to use as a content ideation tool. However, it also comes with many features that most users don’t know about. With the right prompts, it can compose audio tracks and generate logos. 


ChatGPT is free to use, but this basic version is very limited. ChatGPT Plus is an advanced version, with access costing $20 per month. 


  • Very easy to use
  • One of the most versatile AI tools on the market
  • Good choice for automation


  • Free version is very limited
  • Generated text can be unreliable
  • Sometimes struggles with natural language understanding

Challenges of AI content creation

There’s a lot to love about AI content creation tools. However, artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. As such, there are plenty of barriers yet to overcome. 

Limited creativity and originality

AI tools are evolving, but they still fall short when it comes to originality. These tools rely on algorithms that follow rigid prompts and guidelines to deliver the goods. There’s no left-field thinking here, resulting in repetitive content that doesn’t inspire. 

Lack of relatability and authenticity

This is a common issue with AI-generated content. No matter how advanced the tool is, it’s hard to get away from the fact you’re staring at a piece of content produced by AI algorithms. If you’re looking for compelling content that evokes an emotional response, you’ll struggle to get it by prompting an AI tool.

Tone of voice consistency

Content marketing requires a consistent tone of voice for on-brand messaging. If you’re using AI tools to generate long-form content, you’ll almost certainly encounter conflicting use of tone of voice. 

Reliability concerns

AI algorithms are designed to learn with every request. While they’re getting better at what they do, they still produce inaccurate results from time to time. If you’re using a relatively basic prompt, there’s less chance of a glaring inaccuracy being present in the text. However, there’s no guarantee your content will be completely accurate if you’re asking for content on a complex topic. 

Compromised content quality

Inconsistent tone of voice, a lack of nuance, and inaccurate details all add up to second-rate content. Even if you’re reserving this content for a 500 word blog post, it doesn’t reflect well on your brand. 

Contextual understanding and cultural nuances

An experienced copywriter producing content in their native language has a firm grasp on cultural nuances and linguistic specifics. An AI tool doesn’t. What’s more, there’s a limit to what you can do with online prompts. Ultimately, even the best modern-day AI tools struggle when it comes to contextual understanding and are no substitute for a human writer. 

Ethical concerns

This is a minefield. AI-generated text can result in misinformation, misleading content, and plagiarized content. If you’re using AI tools to produce customer-facing content, you’re also harming the B2C relationship and putting your reputation at risk. 

AI content detection in Google Search

Duplicated content has long been a concern for digital marketers and SEO experts. In an era of AI-generated content, AI detection is becoming an increasingly common problem. Google’s machine learning algorithms look for the telltale signals of AI-generated text. While some solutions are better than others, most AI tools struggle when it comes to grammar, structure, and syntax. If your content is getting flagged, you run the risk of being penalized by Google.

How to create content with AI tools: step-by-step

Have you decided it’s time to unlock the full potential of AI tools? Turbocharge your content strategy by following these simple steps:

Understand your target audience

You can only put AI tools to good use if you have a handle on your audience. Without knowing your audience demographics, you won’t be able to prompt the tool to produce relevant content that will strike the right note with readers. 

Choose the right AI tools

Not all AI tools are created equal. Are you looking for something that can generate ideas for blog posts and produce rough guides you can fine-tune later? Perhaps you’re looking to streamline the editing process for short-form videos. Some AI tools are better suited to specific tasks than others.

Research and generate content ideas for different channels

The best AI tools let you produce content for different channels. Most of them can be used to generate suggestions and rough drafts for short-form articles. Others are perfect for producing compelling social media posts. If you’re looking to automate the content creation process across all your channels, you’ll need to be making full use of all these tools. 

Keyword research

Nowadays, you don’t need to be an SEO expert to undertake in-depth keyword research. AI tools provide you with instant insights into the keywords that your target audience is using. 

Content creation

AI tools can do a lot more than generate ideas and entire blog posts. For many digital marketers and content creators, they’re often used as a support tool to streamline workflows. 

Assist with the writing process

Struggling with writer’s block? AI content tools can suggest the ideal header or produce a full paragraph from a single prompt. Alternatively, they can be used to punch up lackluster text with synonyms or entirely new phrases. 

Support your image, audio, and video content creation

It’s not just text-based projects that can benefit from artificial intelligence. AI image generators mean you don’t need an advanced knowledge of Photoshop to produce brand logos and visual marketing collateral. What’s more, you can streamline the editing process of video and audio content without having to invest in costly post-production services. 

Repurpose and make content more accessible

You might be happy with the initial results, but it’s still work taking a hands-on role. If you’ve used AI prompts to generate a 2,500 article, think about how you can repurpose this text elsewhere. Use it as part of an omnichannel content strategy. You can break longer pieces into smaller segments. Alternatively, use this text as an anchor piece and frame a longer series of articles around it. 

You’ll also need to make a few adjustments to the layout of the generated text to make it more accessible. Have a look at those headers to see if they can be adapted for readability. Are you staring at long stretches of unbroken paragraphs? Break them down into more manageable chunks. 

Quality check: editing services for quality results

There are many reasons to integrate AI into your everyday workflows. With considerable cost and time-saving benefits, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are making use of this powerful technology. However, even the most robust AI tools have a long way to go before they can outmaneuver human writers and content creators. 

If you want to make sure your AI-generated content is ready for your audiences, you’ll need to invest in reliable content editing services. At BLEND, we can help optimize the content creation process. With thousands of professional linguists working in more than 120 languages, we’ll ensure your AI-generated content sounds like your brand and like it was written by a human. Want to learn more? Get in touch with the team today.

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