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Webinar: SEO & Localization Best Practices for Growth

Learn essential strategies for multimarket growth

International SEO expert Liraz Postan will guide you through optimizing your website for new language markets in our SEO localization webinar. This webinar was hosted by BLEND Localization on Jan 18, 2023.

This webinar covers:

  • Translation vs. localization
  • Preparing content for localization
  • Choosing starter markets and languages
  • Language pitfalls and cultural considerations
  • Scaling content output

About Liraz

Liraz Postan is an International SEO and Content Expert of more than 13 years.

Her last role was SEO and Content Director at Outbrain, where she led all content marketing strategy, editorial calendar, and smart B2B SEO strategies.

Today, Liraz consults with international companies for the best SEO and content strategy to deliver an organic presence that outranks the competition. Combining a holistic SEO approach, Liraz believes the best way to achieve organic results is through internal education and teamwork. 

Ready for your website to reach markets around the world? Contact us to start accelerating your global growth.

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Corinne Sharabi

Corinne is the Social Media and Content Lead at BLEND. She is dedicated to keeping global business professionals up to date on all things localization, translation, language and culture.


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