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Webinar: Practical Advice for Global Expansion

Learn practical tips for global expansion and localization

Get a set-by-step guide through implementing successful localization and globalization strategies with actionable tips and takeaways from BLEND and Payoneer growth experts.

This webinar is perfect for marketers looking to learn more about localization and growth strategies for foreign markets.

This webinar covers:
✅ Internationalization vs. Globalization vs. Localization
✅ How to evaluate market opportunities for growth
✅ When and how to start your localization journey, step-by-step
✅ How to gain trust, credibility, and sales in foreign markets
+ more!

Hosted by:

  • Hila Shitrit Nissim, CMO at BLEND
  • Melisa Sukman Espand, Director of Social Strategy & Localization at Payoneer
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Corinne Sharabi

Corinne is the Social Media and Content Lead at BLEND. She is dedicated to keeping global business professionals up to date on all things localization, translation, language and culture.


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