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Leadership Series: Talking Enterprise Localization and CEO Lessons with Yair Tal

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Over the last 18 months, BLEND CEO Yair Tal oversaw a company rebrand, witnessed a (continuing) evolution in the media and technologies that matter in the localization industry, and steered our company through large-scale team and geographic expansion.

In this three-part interview series, we get his thoughts on what makes BLEND different, how localization is changing, and his goals for the company in the coming years.

What is Enterprise Localization?

Localization is all about adapting products and services for new markets. Enterprise localization comes into play when businesses look toward global explanation. Targeting multiple international markets requires a multi-faceted localization strategy. 

The localization process requires extensive research. Businesses need to focus on globalizing their website for international audiences. Furthermore, they’ll need to retool their social media channels and use translation services for tor adapting documentation in new languages. Ultimately, it’s about adapting a brand for foreign markets. 

How Can Enterprise Localization Help Your Company?

Enterprise software and localization solutions make it easy for businesses to penetrate new markets easily. With localization, overcoming the language barrier is simple. What’s more, you can connect with your customers the right way, avoiding any cultural conflicts.  

By ensuring your marketing messages are always on point and on-brand, you establish trust with your audience and boost credibility. This naturally enhances the customer experience, helping businesses generate more revenues. Successful localization will also give you a competitive edge. When done right, it can help establish a brand in new markets in a relatively short period. 

Part 1: Building BLEND

Any time [clients and talent] speak directly, quality goes up immediately. We see our customers speaking with translators, with voice artists, we see them speaking on Zoom calls… it makes everything so clear to understand.

An effective localization strategy depends on clear lines of communication. Robust management systems like BLEND make it easy for clients to communicate directly with translators and localization talent. This makes translation management simple, resulting in better final products and shorter turnover times. With BLEND, you can be confident that your content will be on time and on brand.

Part 2: The Future of Localization

The more we dive into the product side of the business, and the more we’re able to add technology to our platform that will solve the next pain to our customers… then I know it’s a long-term relationship.”

Enterprise-level localization is constantly evolving. Nowadays, hundreds of different tools are available to support things like machine translation, workflow management, localization of audio-visual content, and more. To remain competitive in international markets, you’ll want a localization solution that gives you access to the latest technological advancements. With a platform like BLEND, you future-proof your localization strategy. 

Part 3: CEO Experiences

When you sell something, you need to sell it externally to customers, but also internally so the team will support you. You need product, R&D, operations… many people who will be engaged and run with you to win the next challenge.

Localization services with enterprise-level functionality are a must for any business thinking globally. End-to-end platforms like BLEND are the obvious choice if you’re looking to scale your localization efforts quickly. 

You can choose the features that are most important to you. Looking to translate high volumes of text for an eCommerce platform? You can. Eager to leverage customer insights. You can see what’s driving customer behavior and refine your content accordingly. With enterprise solutions, localization becomes a cost-effective alternative to conventional freelance support. 

How BLEND Can Help You

It’s never been easier for businesses to penetrate international markets. Even small to medium-sized businesses can embrace an enterprise-level localization strategy. BLEND makes it easy to connect locally with non-native speakers. Our industry-leading platform brings together custom integrations and API-driven workflows to simplify every project. 

Targeting multiple regions at once? Our global team of linguists and localization experts works across multiple markets. You’ll find translation and localization support in more than 120 languages. Scalability is hardwired into our DNA. We’ll be there to help you navigate a new key market, as well as when you want to turn your brand into a truly global one. 

Ready to learn more? Get in touch with BLEND today to talk about video and content localization, website translation, transcreation and content writing, and more.

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