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Expert Chats Video Game Localization with Ann Chen
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Expert Chats: Video Game Localization with Ann Chen

With industry revenue projected to surpass $197 billion this year, video games are much more than coin-ops and cartridges. Today’s titles find their audiences on mobile devices, next-gen consoles, and even arenas with huge Esports events.

To maximize their reach, video games are now localized for the world, encompassing in-game text, voice-over, and the marketing and materials that inspire a purchase in the first place.

Check out BLEND’s latest Expert Chats interview featuring Ann Chen, BLEND’s Head of APAC. Managing the relationships for many of our biggest gaming customers, Ann brings unique insight to the topic, serving as bridge between Eastern and Western game developers and audiences.

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Matt Strach

As BLEND’s Director of Enterprise Marketing, Matt brings 14 years in the audio and video production industries to help businesses execute successful voice and video localization campaigns.


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