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Translation Is a Profession: Setting the Record Straight with Our CEO,
Yair Tal

Company News

Translation Is a Profession: Setting the Record Straight with Our CEO,
Yair Tal

It’s easy money, they said. Become a translator.  

If you think so too, think again. 

When joining BLEND more than two years ago, I had a great deal of knowledge about the business, but much less about the complexity and challenges of translators.

I have worked with a lot of service providers and freelancers in different spaces, but I never realized how much effort goes into translating accurately across cultures and languages, much less how difficult it is. It is essentially a combination of science, art, and endless dedication. 

Working alongside some of our community members exposed me to the dilemmas they face on each project, the experiences they have when making the right choice, and the role they play in making clients natively local.

It is only now when we serve top, global brands with the best, most talented translators that I realize how much #Translation_Is_a_Profession.

Lately, we have seen too many online videos describing translation work as a job for typists or a way to earn fast, easy money. I must make it clear and say it loud, for the translation industry at large, and especially in the case of BLEND, this is so far from the reality of what it really means to be a professional translator. 

The fact is, #Translation_Is_a_Profession, one that requires experience, advanced continuing education, and a thorough comprehension of nuance and intent, in addition to a mastery of multiple languages.  

A professional translator is one who can truly connect to the business’ brand, tone of voice, and style, and can understand both the existing local audience and the new target audience that the business wants to communicate with.  

A word-for-word translation is not enough. What elevates the results is the localization component—the ability to not only translate words but to adapt cultures and build bridges between vastly different audiences. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Watch what our translator community—BLENDers as we call them—have to say on their educational background, years of experience, and the moments of enlightenment when they could confidently say that “yeah, I’m a professional translator.” 

#Translation_Is_a_Profession. We salute all you experienced translators and we welcome you to share this video, use our hashtag, and set the record straight when anyone claims otherwise.

Yair Tal

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